Get Your Facts Right- 5 Best Fact Checking Websites You Can Browse Today!

We are living in the Information Age. Computers, smartphones, communication devices, and above all Internet have converged the globe and brought us all together. Information takes no more than a few moments to travel across the length and breadth of the world. It seems that everyone is “informed” these days. That’s good! No that’s great! After all, knowledge empowers us, makes us aware, and helps us make educated decisions about all things important, such as who shall you vote for in the upcoming elections.

That’s fine! But, history is witness to the fact that every great thing brings along some concomitant bad too. While information is all-pervasive, it is up for manipulation too. Sometimes it feels as though fake news, rumors and hoaxes are more prevalent than the truth. So, where does it leave us to know? Must we accept all that is tossed at us across the web of Internet? Thankfully, we don’t always have to. Some individuals took it upon themselves to separate the lies from the truth and create these fact checking websites we have listed for you. If you are ever in doubt about a claim or information, these Best Fact Checking Websites will help you out. is undeniably one of the most reliable facts checking websites out there. This website is known to debunk lots of rumors, hoaxes and false claims that pervade the vast world of internet. This website has been around for nearly 15 years and has earned itself a great reputation. does not really touch upon a huge gamut of topics. It keeps itself largely focused on the subjects pertaining to politics in the United States of America.

The objective of the site is to either verify the information doing rounds on the web or to debunk them if necessary. The site keeps an eye on all the claims made by the political figures, government officials, political party representatives and more. In fact, it keeps a special check on the claims made by the party elected representatives to make sure they are not manipulating the facts to their personal advantage. FactCheck work is more like investigative journalism and they cover almost all the political promotional campaigns, interviews, public debates, speeches and even news releases. So, if you have happened to develop some doubts about a particular public figure, go out and check to validate their claims. The website also has a small section called ‘Viral Spiral’ that aims at validating or debunking the non-political, viral information as well. is a very reputable and trusted investigative website that aims at verifying, validating or debunking the conspiracy theories, hoaxes, and other information on the web. Snopes has been around longer than most other fact checking website. Over the years, it has grown strength to strength. Most of us looking for the facts and not some fancy claims think first of to get their hands on the facts. Unlike that primarily focuses on US politics, has a wider scope and brings under its wings all kinds of topics and information. Whether it is a conspiracy theory you want to take a deeper look at or an urban legend, has investigated it all.

The website hosts a whopping number of articles on hundreds of thousands of topics. If you need to look up for a particular piece, you can simply use their search box. doesn’t just shoot in the dark though. You will find citations and source references with each document they have published. This gives more confidence to the reader that they are looking at the facts and not the creation of someone’s whims.

Well, as the name suggests, this website is there to help you tell the Truth and Fiction. But, like, it lays its primary focus on the US Politics now. When I say ‘now’ it means this wasn’t always the case. When this site started out in 1999, it used to be a place which burst the myths. The idea was to verify or invalidate the rumors or information going viral through the chain or forwarded emails and other web sources. largely has a binary approach to validating the information. This means, they either rate the information as Truth or Fiction. However, if they are not able to ascertain the facts they classify the information as Unproven. While these are the primary ratings, they have some sub-ratings too. For instance, information may also be categorized as “Reported to be Truth”, “Disputed” etc. Yes! That could leave some ambiguity but at least the website is truthful. They do not make the “know-it-all” claims like the rumor mongers.

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The people at seem to be very active and up on their toes all the time. The moment there is relevant information on the internet; they start working on the investigation and come up with their ratings. makes it to the list of top websites for fact checking for a simple reason – it deserves its place here. It is one of the most credible sources to check the facts and validity of the information on a wide range of topics. Whether it is fake news that you are concerned about or a rumor everyone is going gaga about, you can validate it all here. Hoax-Slayer wasn’t really a website but a Yahoo Group back in 2003. However, when its popularity began to soar, the creators found it fitting to lay it all out on a website. So, this website has been bringing face to face with the truth and facts and slaying the hoaxes for nearly a decade and a half.

Hoax-Slayer aims at presenting the facts to the audience. While it does debunk the hoaxes, it also makes sure the facts written off as hoaxes are brought to the limelight. This is why they have a special section for those emails that you found really hard to believe but were actually true. The objective of the good people behind this website is to make the world more transparent and more truthful than what it is right now.

The name of the site gives its intends away. PolitiFact is the place where you can check the facts related to the US politics. Although the world already had sources like and, this website, with its clean and clear intent to offer truth to the general public, became exceptionally popular. It is not considered as a very credible and reliable source for validating facts and debunking fictions. Rooted deeply in investigative journalism, this website was a proud receiver of the coveted Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting in the year 2009. This award was well earned for their reporting on the US Presidential Election of 2008.

The site primarily has 4 ratings for the claims or information – False, Mostly False, True, and Mostly True. However, there are some exceptional cases that earn the rating of ‘Pants on Fire’. All in all, is a wonderful place to check the facts related to US Politics.

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