Download Garageband for PC (Windows 7,8,10) – Free Method

October 18, 2016

Garageband is a music composing app. However it’s not available on PC officially, which is why people search for “Garageband for PC & Windows” version. Step by step process is given to help you to get Garage Band for PC.

GarageBand has all the capabilities to change your iPhone, iPad & iPod touch into a collection of touch instruments. The new addition in the application – Live loops allow you to create new music or mix music like a DJ. Moreover, with touch instruments you can do all that which is not possible with real instruments. However, loops available on GarageBand are not free, but if you’re a fan of music, it won’t cause you any hindrance.

You can easily create a full featured recording studio as and when you want. Create live music, record tunes, give them a voice, write lyrics, edit available tunes, share it with friends or save it for your next recording interview – GarageBand enables you to enjoy recording music just like that. The easy and smart instruments allow you to sound a pro, even if you don’t have the knowledge to play one.

Note – The method to download Garageband for windows 7 and above is given in this article is completely genuine & tested. We have had vigorous testing on all versions of Windows (7,8,10) and the method turned out to be successful.

Download Garageband for Windows 7, 8, 10 and on every platform garageband runs very smoothly. You dont have tou worry about your system configuration. New windows operating system that is windows 10 so you can also get garageband for windows.

So if you want to get this app on computer or desktop, keep reading.


Is there an official version of Garageband for PC?

No the app doesn’t have an official version. However, its official version is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac as it’s an Apple product. But as always, geeks have found out ways to install Garageband for PC, blackberry, Android and other devices easily. In this guide we have talked about two such methods. We will install official Garageband Windows 10 and Garageband PC version.

Garageband is an amazing app. It’s like a budding music maker’s oxygen; you just can’t live without it. Garageband is amazing because it fits that chasm between amateur softwares and professional ones. The app has everything you could ever want to add to your music, and more. And the simple interface ensures you neither get overwhelmed with the buttons on the screen, nor find it hard to locate an option you need to access. Its really easy to get Garage Band For Windows.  Read on.

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Download GarageBand for PC free

In order to install this app on your computer, we have added two methods here.

Method 1 – Using Rare Software

Just follow the following methods:

  • Go to and click the green button to download the app.
  • Choose the destination and wait for it to finish up.
  • Once completed, locate the downloaded package, and double click to install it.
  • It will take 10-20 minutes to set up, be patient.
  • Once finished, you can start using the app on your Windows PC directly.

Method 2 – Using Android Emulator Bluestacks

This is a classic method to download any app to your PC, specifically famous to download Garageband on Windows PC. For this purpose, we use Bluestacks. You have to install Bluestacks on your system if you want to download Garageband for Windows.

Step 1 : Download and install bluestacks Android emulator from here.

Step 2 : After installation using your Google account details, login to the playstore in Bluestacks. Find the Garageband app and click on it.

Step 3 : Click on the “Install” button to start the installation of the app on your Emulator.

Here you go! You now have the Garageband Music Composer app, ready to be used. So these are the steps to install garage band PC.

Downloading Garageband For Windows – System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher
  • Ram 2 GB or higher
  • Intel dual core, i3, i5 processors
  • 1-2 GB free hard disk memory

Garageband is pretty radical in the service it offers. But it is understandable if the emulator or the app don’t work out for you. So whether Garageband of BlueStacks doesn’t cut it, or the app itself isn’t your idea on utility, there are plenty of ways around.

Alternatives and Equivalents for Garageband PC

If you’ve been looking for other apps to try making music on, you’re in luck. Garageband for PC is good, but it isn’t irreplaceable. Here are some apps that gel particularly well with a lot of people’s music making needs.

  • Mixcraft is a pretty cool app, that is available for Windows without need on an intermediating emulator. The app has a lot more features than Garageband, though there could be a lot more added to it to make it easier to use. The app comes with a free trial, and the price is about $90.
  • Audiotool takes music making one step further. The app is completely online, to be accessed only via the official website. Audiotool stores your data over the cloud so you can make music from any device you’re on, without having to bother about carrying your stuff in a hard disk or worse, carrying the heavy device and keeping it charged.
  • Cubase and Ableton are great options you could try out as well.

Garageband for Windows is really efficient and pretty easy to get on your phone. But in case it doesn’t do the trick for you, there are different apps you can take recourse to. Be sure to try MixCraft and Audiotool in particular, to have an idea on just how great the app can be.  So I hope now you can be able to get Garageband Download in you PC easily.

Garageband is not only for people who take music as their hobby or passion. The application is designed in such a way that professionals can also utilise its facilities to create new music, especially while recording in the studio or playing it in front of a huge audience.
No doubt, their are people who would love to learn music after trying their head on GarageBand, but unfortunately, the application does not deal with that. Moreover, people don’t need to be trained artist to play on Garageband, its smart technology and extraordinary instrument collection allow you to play endless tunes.

Although, the application is originally not available on platforms other than iOS, we have given you interesting ways to enjoy GarageBand on Windows PC. If you find this guide useful, consider sharing it with your circles. If there are any doubts, just let us know in comments.

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