50+ Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Movies Online

Grab some popcorn, drop in the couch, lean back and throw your legs across the table as we bring to you the list of top 50 websites to watch your favorite movies totally free of cost. The undying love for cinema has never failed to complement the ever-evolving media in all these decades. This is why movie streaming is one of the most common activities on World Wide Web.

While the massively popular entertainment platforms like Netflix offer a quality experience, they also have you pay a monthly subscription. Many may ask, why pay when I can get it for free? Yes! The sites we have listed here offer free streaming. But, they also bring copyright infringement and piracy issues on the radar.


We have painstakingly scoured the internet and handpicked these free movie websites for you. We, however, have no affiliation to these websites whatsoever and have no vested interest in their success. We have cataloged these sites only for informational purposes and advise you to exercise personal discretion.

These websites allow you to stream the movies free and some even let you download the videos so that you could watch them offline. Many of these services promise HD streaming in resolution as high as 1080p. Some sites have their own database, the others aggregate the content from various servers. All in all, these movie providers offer you hours and hours of entertainment and when you feel you are running out of stuff to watch, they get updated with something new.

1. MyDownloadTube.com


My Download Tube is undeniably one of the best free movie websites. Not only does it boast of a huge collection of free HD movies, it also has plenty of TV shows, documentaries, and other content. This website offers high-speed streaming and also lets you download the movies. It has a nice layout allowing you to easily look up for the content.

2. NewMoviesOnline.cc


New Movies Online is a nicely designed free movie streaming website with an excellent collection. Here, you can look up for the movies in various genres including thriller, action, drama, comedy, romance and more. It also offers the content on public demand. There is plenty of stuff available for streaming in HD.

3. WatchNewMovies.cc


Watch New Movies updates its site regularly and make sure you are never out of new content to watch any day of the week. The site lets you find movies by genres and year. It also lists the popular and trending movies on its homepage. You will find plenty of latest releases on this website as well as movies from past few years. This free movie website also lets you download the content for offline viewing. But, you need to sign up and create a free account to use the site.

4. Watch-Movies-Online.cc


If you are looking for one of the best free movie streaming site, this is another place to be. What I like about this site is that it doesn’t compel you to sign up before letting you watch the content. It has lots of latest releases, old movies, as well as TV shows. The developers have kept the home page rather simple. You start by picking one of the available categories or genres or by looking up for the desired movie through the search box.

5. Watch-Free.cc


This is another one of the finest free movie sites where you would like to spend some quality hours. The collection is impressive, to say the least. They also update the movies regularly to make sure your weekend never runs dry. This website also has several already aired or currently running TV shows. The new episodes are also uploaded to the site as soon as they are available.

6. Netflix.com


We all know how amazing Netflix is and we also know that it is not a free movie website. So, how does it make it to this list? Well, even though you need to pay a monthly subscription to access Netflix content, it lets gives you a free trial period of 30 days. It would have been truly remiss of me to not talk about one free month of binging; wouldn’t it?

7. SnagFilms.com


Snag Films is another one of my favorites free movie streaming sites. I have my reasons. For starters, they have an exhaustive collection of movies and shows from all the possible genres. What’s more incredible is that they update their content quite regularly. If an episode is in the air, I know that it will be on the site soon. And they have some really cool movies too.

8. WolowTube.cc


This site boasts of an assortment of more than 25,000 movies and TV shows. I say that’s pretty awesome and easily makes it one of the best free movie websites. It’s not just free but lets you stream and watch the content in HD quality without having to register for an account. There are hours and hours of streaming waiting for it to be explored.

9. CoolMovieZone.org


Alright! This is one zone where you want to get caught in; like right now. Even if you think you have landed on your favorite movie website already, I’d say still give Cool Movie Zone a try. It has an incredible catalog of movies from the time spanning several decades and from around the world. I am sure you will love it.

10. HugeMoviesDB.net


Huge Movies DB is relatively new but it has caught some attention in the past couple of months. This is the kind of place where you come to explore not only the new stuff but also some of the quality old one. The collection is quite decent if not humongous. Looks like they have paid more heed to quality than quantity. Do give it a try!

11. YesMovies.to

I wouldn’t say Yes Movies is the most amazing free movie streaming website, but it is a good alternative to try. This site, like many others on this list, allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies in HD quality. You can navigate using the categories placed on top in the menu bar or use the search box.

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12. PopcornFlix.com

This is another website where you come, look up for your favorite movie, and stream it without having to worry about paying a single dime. I place it among the best free movie streaming sites because of its large catalog of movies and shows and also because of its easy to use interface.

13. NewMovies.ws

New Movies is what its name suggests it is – a place to watch new movies. Latest releases is what they focus on the most. But, you can find some good, old stuff as well. It is a well-designed site with the most popular movies featured on the homepage. The site is regularly updated and make sure you are never out of awesome stuff to watch.

14. YouTube.com

Of course! Why not? Are you surprised I have added this video streaming giant to my list? Don’t be! YouTube does not just have the user-uploaded content but also tons of movies available for free streaming. And, all of them are copyrighted. Of course, don’t expect to find the most recent releases here. After all, YouTube is a stickler for copyrights.

15. HaloaMovies.com

I like HaloaMovies. It has a good collection of movies. You will find plenty of latest releases here. The interface seems a little cluttered as the featured movie thumbnails are placed edge to edge. But, if you can get around it, you might end up impressed with its quality and speed.

16. MovieFlixter.to

MovieFlixter is another delightful treat to the ones bitten by the movie bug. I like its neat, clean and uncluttered interface that allows me to easily browse its extensive database. It lets you watch movies in HD resolution and offers pretty fast streaming. Movie Flixter also allows you to download the movies for offline viewing. You need to sign up for an account to use this site.

17. MoviePlus.cc

If you are looking for the finest collection of the movies released in past half a decade, Movie Plus is the right place to dig in. It’s got some serious titles waiting to be clicked and streamed. Most of the content is in high resolution. They update the content pretty regularly too. The site is quite fast too.

18. TheMovieTube.cc

The Movie Tube is another exciting free movie streaming website you will like to check out at. Besides offering the most popular movie titles, it has some well-watched TV shows too. The website is pretty solid as far as the collection is concerned. But, it’s interface isn’t exactly very appealing.

19. Yidio.com

Yidio is one of the finest free movie websites I have come across in the recent past. Its design is pretty awesome. Not only does it look highly professional, it is also very easy to use. This site aggregates most of the content from other sources. But, it has some collection of its own too. Once you sign up, you can start watching free movies and TV shows.

20. FMovies.to

Fmovies gave their website a complete makeover some time ago. Now, the site looks more user-friendly and functional. It has loads of content including popular movies, TV shows, old movies and shows and a lot more. What I don’t like about this website is that it pops-up too many ads on clicks.

21. ZMovie.tw

ZMovie.tw is a pretty solid free movie streaming website. But, it’s interface is very confusing due to which a lot of users tend to hop to other sites. I did hang on for a little while to get around this problem. It has a tab interface, with each tab designated for a genre or category. For instance, there is a tab for movies, TV shows, new releases, etc.

22. MoviesPrime.com

MoviesPrime.com features a simple, dark-themed interface with various elements placed in an organized manner. However, this site does not have a very big collection and hence you may not always find what you are looking for. But, it does have some movies you may not find elsewhere. So, it is worth a shot.

23. FreeFullMovies.net

If you are looking for best free movie websites with a sizeable list of content and a decent interface, you may want to have a look at Free Full Movies. It may not exactly have the best collection, but it sure has a lot. You can stream movies in HD quality and also download them on your computer.

24. MegaMovies.cc

If you would like to stream some of the best TV shows and movies in stunning HD quality without having to pay a dime, I would recommend Mega Movies to you. What I like the most about this site is its interface. The site makes it incredibly easy to find the movie or show you want to watch. It also has a pretty decent collection.

25. PutLockers2.com

Just like many other movie streaming sites we have talked about here, Put Lockers 2 also lets you watch free movies and shows. I am really impressed with its 1080p HD streaming available for many titles. What’s even more incredible is that it is quite fast. There is hardly any buffering issue.

26. TubiTV.com

Tubi TV has been the favorite free movie website of many movie buffs for quite some time now. It promises a wealth of movies presented to you on an appealing platform. The clutter-free interface and ease of use Tubi TV offers is almost unbeatable. Just sign up for an account and you will have access to a big world of movies and TV shows for free.

27. 123MoviesWeb.com

123MoviesWeb is one of the newer movie streaming websites that looks quite promising. It features some movie titles I haven’t seen in many websites. Not all the content on this website is HD. However, the thumbnails tell you what the streaming quality is going to be so that you can decide whether or not to stream beforehand.

28. 123Movies.Life

This is also one of the best free movie websites you would like to explore when you have that craving for movies and some popcorn. This website brings to you some of the latest releases completely free of cost. The site also features some of the popular TV shows. Most of the content is available in HD. However, there are some cam versions too.

29. CartoonHD.cc

The name of the website may make you think that it is all about cartoons and animation. But, that is definitely not the case. It features animation content like most other sites on this list. However, it has more. You can find the latest movie releases and recently aired episodes of many popular TV shows. And, as the name suggests, you get the top-notch HD quality streaming at a fast speed.

30. HouseMovie.To

What I really like about some of the free movie sites is that they do not force you to sign up and create an account. You don’t have to give any of your personal information to them. HouseMovie.to is one of them. This website has a pretty impressive collection of latest movies. It also has some of the most watched TV shows.

31. Vumoo.li

If you have ever used Netflix, you will be surprised to see how Vumoo looks strikingly similar to it. There is no doubt that Vumoo’s interface is heavily inspired by Netflix. Nevertheless, Vumoo has its own merits. It has some movie titles you would not find on Netflix. It also has several latest releases.

32. SeeHd.ws

Seehd is a website which offers you an incredible entertainment experience. Stream all the movies you want and if you feel the need to watch some offline, feel free to download. Seehd has a good collection of movies and shows. Everything here is free of cost. All you have to do is sign up, create an account, log in and there you go.

33. Xmovies8.tv

If streaming is all you want and don’t really care whether or not you can download your favorite titles, check out Xmovies8. It is an incredible place to watch movies in a variety of genres. There are some cool TV shows too to spend some quality time.

34. Crackle.com

Over the last few years, Crackle has become one of the mainstream and extremely popular entertainment platform. This website gives you access to tons of movies and TV shows; all copyrighted. It has plenty of stuff that is available for free. However, for premium movies and shows you need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

35. MegaShare.sc

MegaShare is host to a wide range of entertainment content ranging from movies to TV shows, events to reality shows. The user interface looks very agreeable as the developers have kept the layout very simple and tidy. Mega Share is an aggregator and hence you will find several links to the same content. This site has almost everything you can ask for.

36. HugeMoviesDB.net

Well, what do I say! The name says it all. Huge Movies DB is a huge database of movies. This is one of the rare platforms that bring the movies from all around the world to a single place. This site has most of the new released movies. At the same time, you will find lots of old movies as well.

37. VideoMega.ch

Video Mega is quite like the other free movie streaming websites we have mentioned in this article. I find its collection pretty substantial as it hosts recently released as well as older movies. The homepage of this site features the popular and latest movies. There is search button to find everything else.

38. PrimeWire.ch

While looking for the free movie sites I stumbled upon this website and found it interesting. It requires you to sign up for an account. Once that’s done you can start streaming the available movies. This is the site to watch movies on demand. There is a good chance you may find a movie here you may not find anywhere else.

39. MovieNight.ws

Movie Night is a free service that allows you to stream movies and TV shows in HD quality. I explored this site a bit and found its database quite expensive. When I looked more, it piqued my interest even further. Besides the collection, what caught my attention was its interface. I like the way they have placed two sidebars on either side and the list of the featured movies in between. The sidebars make navigation easier and also offer interesting statistics, such as 20 most viewed movies.

40. TopDocumentaryFilms.com

If you are a lover of the cinema that is documentary, here is a perfect treat for you. This site has an impressively huge collection of documentaries on events, personalities, celebrities etc. But, make no mistakes. Top Documentary Films has a pretty cool catalog of feature films as well.

41. ClassicCinemaOnline.com

If you are someone who loves to watch classic movies from 60s, 50s, 40s and even older, this is the site you must visit right now. I was pretty impressed by their vintage cinema collection. Most of the movies are embedded videos from YouTube. But, they have been categorized properly so that you don’t have to comb through millions of YouTube videos.

42. LosMovies.es

Los Movies does not have any content of its own but it does a great job of aggregating movies from some good sources. This is why I consider it as one of the best free movie websites. This well designed site offers you many links to a single title so that you may choose the best.

43. Vimeo.com

Vimeo is an extremely popular video portal in many parts of the world. This site hosts a wide range of copyrighted movies you can stream for free. This site is quite like YouTube but not as popular. You will find a number of movies here that have been uploaded by the rightful owners or production houses.

44. OnlineMoviesGold.com

The name of the site is pretty deceptive as it may lead you to believe it is all about old, classic movies. Yes, it has many movies from the past but you will also find a lot of new content here. You can take your pick from many genres including sci-fi, animation, drama, thriller and more.

45. Movie4K.is

I like that fact that Movie4K offers a pretty large catalog of movies in various genres. But, what I like more is that they update their content very regularly. This makes sure that I have something new to watch all the time. The interface is as good as it can get and streaming is pretty fast.

46. Zumvo.me

Zumvo.me is is also one of the best movie streaming sites I have come across over the past few months. It is quite like the other movie sites with a decently sized collection and satisfactory interface. It has plenty of movies and TV shows and it is updated quite regularly.

47. UnWatchfree.co

Uwatchfree.co is the site you visit when you are looking to watch the newly released movies and TV shows for free. The content is well categorized in genres like thriller, action, drama, etc. Interface looks user-friendly and streaming speed is very agreeable.

48. TopMoviez.net

Top Moviez isn’t very different from a lot of other websites we have learned about in this article. But, it is meritorious enough to be a part of top 50. Here, you can watch top-rated, popular, and newly released movies free of cost.

49. IMovieTube.com

I like this site because it has a very simple, fuss-free interface and decent number of movie titles to watch for free. This site also lets me search for movies by genre. You can also watch movie trailers on this site. What I don’t quite like is that they don’t update the content very regularly.

50. BeeTV.to

Bee TV largely focuses on the TV shows but it has some good movies as well. The site favors simplicity over elaborate web page architecture. This is why it looks very acceptable to the visual senses. Bee TV also lets you request movies and TV shows.

Free Movie Streaming Sites “A Delightful Treat”!

These 50 websites are a celebration of cinema and a delightful treat to the movie enthusiasts. Movies or TV shows, documentaries or reality shows, old or new, they have you covered. These services allow you to stream high-quality content, in high resolution free of cost. They offer fast streaming and ensure you have an uninterrupted movie experience.

Plenty of videos on these sites are available in full HD resolution. Some of these sites even let you choose the desired resolution to match the internet connection speed. A lot of these websites have their own server and have their own database, some act as aggregators and bring you the best available content from sources around the web. But, we will also add that some of these sites may have run into copyright infringement issues. We are not affiliated with these sites in any manner.

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