Explained: How To Use Apple Pay Cash Via iMessage

Apple Pay sits at the apex of mobile payment services and has changed the way we send and receive money. You can easily manage your cash in the app without ever carrying your wallet. It has already reached an acme level and recently, been expanded to Apple Pay Cash for iOS 11.

Apple Pay Cash is a newly integrated Apple Pay service, allowing person-to-person transactions, rather to only businesses. It’s accessible via iMessage app and enables you to send and receive money from your friends (only those who use an iDevice) across the United States. All your cash within the service exists on Apple Pay Cash card, which is also accessible via Wallet, alongside your other debit, credit and loyalty cards. It has been made so simple that you’ll start using it right away for all of your needs.

For the uninitiated, this whole thing could be really brain-twisting. And if you’re already confused about how to go about Apple Pay Cash, we’ve got you covered. Since the service is accessible inside iMessage, we’ll let you know the exact process of making transactions using Apple Pay Cash over iMessage.

Apple Pay Cash via iMessage – How Does it Work?

Starting with Apple Pay Cash is rather easy. It’s such a well-supported service that you might feel like entering a new pavement altogether. Inside iMessage, you can find it in the app drawer, where you can set the amount, either request or pay, and approve the transaction. While this is the basic way of doing it, the process may vary a little as per the device you’re using. In the next few minutes, you’ll be reading about using Apple Pay Cash over iMessage on iPhone, Apple Watch and Siri.

Pay Using iPhone

Open the iMessage app on your iPhone and go to the contact thread of the person you want to transact with. Create a new thread if you’re paying a person for the first time. Then, write a message, like ‘here comes your money’, or ‘sending you $50’. Select the Apple Pay icon from the app drawer, enter the amount and hit the send button. Use Touch ID, Face ID or your passcode to authenticate the transaction. You can cancel or review the transaction by scrolling down. Of course, every transaction is encrypted and is recorded within the framework.

Now, if you’ve requested money from a friend, you’ll get a link to the transaction in your iMessage chat window. Approve it and soon, you will be alerted to the amount credited to the Apple Pay Cash balance. Here’s how to do it step by step.

  • Open the conversation, go to App Store and choose Apple Pay.
  • Choose an amount and tap ‘Request’.
  • You can accompany your cash request with a message if you want.
  • Hit the ‘Send’ button.

Pay Using Apple Watch

On the iMessage app, open the chat thread of the person you want to transact with or start a new one. For a new transaction, you might need to agree with terms and conditions, but only for the first transaction. Now, scroll down the chat window to find the options, which include – Voice Dictate, Emoji, Sketch, Scribble and Apple Pay, the new addition. Tap on ‘Apple Pay’ button and turn the Digital Crown to choose an amount. To tap an exact figure, tap the main amount in dollars, put the decimal, tap the rest of the amount in cents and then turn the dial. Tap pay.

You can cancel or view the transaction details by scrolling down. The amount you’re sending will be deducted from the Apple Pay Cash balance. Now, double-click the side button to confirm the transaction.

Pay Using Siri

There is also a Siri command to pay using Apple Pay Cash. Suppose that you want to send $50 to Joe. Just say – Send $50 to Joe – to Siri and the money will be processed likewise. You can also specify the reason for the record. Just add your reason to the phrase and say –  Send $50 to Joe for Sara’s gift – to Siri. Simple.

To ask money, there’s again a natural phrase for Siri. Simply say, Ask Joe for $50 for Sara’s Gift. Then, the sender can tap on the dollar amount in the message to process the transaction.

Customers look at the Apple Inc. iPhone X smartphone during the sales launch at a store in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Friday, Nov. 3, 2017. The $1,000 price tag on Apple Inc.’s new iPhone X didn’t deter throngs of enthusiasts around the world who waited — sometimes overnight — in long lines with no guarantee they would walk out of the store with one of the coveted devices. Photographer: Michael Short/Bloomberg

The best part about paying over iMessage via Siri is that the assistant will detect conversations about cash or payments in the app, and will pop out automatically for you to do any transaction you might be interested in doing. Further, if you’ve mentioned a specific amount in any message of yours, Siri will automatically set the amount in the Apple Pay Cash for the ease of doing a transaction.

Viewing Your Transactions

Like a bank statement, you get an Apple Pay Cash statement as well. You need to go to Transactions tab where you can see your most recent 10 transactions. On an iPhone and iPad, you can see the Transactions tab inside your Apple Pay Cash card. If you’re on Apple Watch, view your transactions inside the Wallet app on your iPhone. To see more, you need to go to ‘All Transactions’ and choose your preferred option. Tap on the transaction to view the specific details.

Opening a Dispute on a Transaction

If you’ve sent a wrong amount, or have sent money to a wrong person, you can simply ‘cancel’ the transaction. However, if you don’t see the cancel option, this means that the transaction has already been accepted. You need to ask the person to send the money back. For many serious issues, take help from Apple. Don’t worry, your money matters will be kept private.

Devices Supporting Apple Pay Cash

This is the list of compatible devices for Apple Pay Cash. Take a look.

  • iPhone SE
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad 5th Generation
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini 3 or later.
  • iPhone 6 or later.
  • Apple Watch

Is Apple Pay Cash a Free Service? Is Any Transaction Fee Involved?

You’ll need to add your debit or credit card to Apple Pay Cash for making transactions. Services, backed by a debit card, are completely free, but if the credit card is in use, there’s a 3% fee on the amount funded by the credit card.

This is all you need to know about using Apple Pay Cash over iMessage. As evident, it’s made it really easy for people to manage their money. Even if you’ve forgotten your wallet at home, you’re still able to send or receive money in a single push of a button, or by Siri.

So, what will be your next excuse for failing to pay your friend? Because your wallet can’t be one now. *winks”

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