iPhone 8, 8 Plus And iPhone X- Review, Price And Availability

Every year in September (or around), a wave sweeps across the world, the effects of which are felt for many months. It is the time when Apple releases its new flagship devices – the new iPhone models. It is also the time when the iPhone fans start queuing up outside the stores to be among the first to grab their favorite gadget. Truly, there is no other smartphone release that has created such ripples.

We see no reason why this year will be any different as Apple starts shipping iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in less than a week. And, the company has already taken the buzz world by storm with the introduction of iPhone X, which is slated to release late in October. iPhone X is going to be the ‘never-seen-before’ as Apple claims.

So, what new do these iPhones offer this year? Well, we take a look at the price, availability and specs of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Keep reading!


iPhones are never cheap. These new iPhones are no exception. In fact, they will be the costliest mainstream smartphones ever.

All the three models are available in two price variants – 64GB and 256GB.

iPhone X 64 GB edition is priced at $999. You can buy the 256GB model for $1,149. iPhone X pre-orders start from October 27 and Apple will ship the devices starting from November 3.

iPhone 8 Plus price starts at $799 for 64 GB. The 256 GB version is priced at $949. iPhone 8 will cost you $699 for the 64 GB model and $849 for 256 GB. You can pre-order iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus from September 15. Apple will start shipping these devices one week later, September 22.

Please note that these are the contract-free prices. For discounted, promotional prices please visit Apple’s website or contact your carrier.


Unlike the previous releases, Apple will not introduce the 32GB variants of iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. The new releases are available in 64 GB and 256 GB variants.

When it comes to storage, there is no difference between the devices. And, I believe 64 GB model servers well to most types of users. Especially if you are used to backing up regularly, you will not face many challenges. However, if you want to have all the peace of mind without having to keep thinking about storage issue all the time, 256 GB would be a better choice. Of course, this variant comes for a higher price.


If device display is the most important consideration for you, there are no second guesses that iPhone X will be your clear choice. For starters, it offers 5.8 inch OLED screen, which is the largest to be seen on smartphones. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have 4.7 inch and 5.5-inch screens in comparison.

iPhone X also features a superior display technology with Super Retina HD Display. On the other hand, 8 and 8 Plus settle for Retina HD display only. Apple claims that the colors on iPhone X will truly “pop”. Well, we will have to wait and see.

iPhone X wins on the resolution front too. With a resolution of 2436 by 1125 backed by 458 ppi, it is definitely a winner as compared to 1334 by 750 at 326 ppi and 1920 by 1080 at 401 ppi by iPhone 8 and 8 plus respectively. X also offers an incredibly better contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1as compared to 1400:1 and 1300:1 offered by 8 and 8 Plus respectively.

Chip and RAM

Apple made no distinctions while choosing the processor for the upcoming models. All the three new iPhones will feature the cutting-edge, state of art A11 Bionic processor, which uses the 64-bit architecture model. The processor will get its advanced processing prowess from the Neural Engine. And, to make things even amazing, this processor integrates M11, the motion co-processor.

Such a processor will certainly offer an incredible experience to the users. Playing heavy-duty games and multi-tasking should get even more fun now.

The processors are backed by 3GB RAM on iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus and a 2GB RAM on iPhone 8. Well, when other brands are offering RAM size as big as 6GB, this may not seem like a lot. But, as we have concluded from our experience of previous iPhone models, it is good enough. Smartphones work fine on 2-3GB RAMs regardless the type of processing they carry out. Higher RAMs on smartphones is usually a marketing gimmick.

Camera for Photography

Camera capabilities of iPhones are known to outmatch that of any other smartphone by far. I see no reason why this year’s flagship should be an exception. All three new iPhones offer a high quality, 12 MP camera. iPhone X and 8 Plus cameras, however, are better than the iPhone 8 camera.

The cameras on the top two model will allow you to capture images in wide-angle as well as telephoto mode. With the top aperture width of f/1.8 at wide angles, you are going to get a narrow depth of field, allowing the subject to stand out and background to blur. This could put some DSLR lenses to shame. With telephoto mode, you get the aperture of f/2.8. With a pretty solid 10x digital zoom and a certain level of optical zoom, you will have one awesome camera you can carry in your pocket.

iPhone 8 camera isn’t too far behind but lacks some features. For instance, it has a pre-defined aperture value of f/1.8, which cannot be changed. This also means that telephoto mode is absent. It also doesn’t feature the optical zoom. Make no mistakes though. It is still a powerful camera that can click some stunning pictures.

All the three cameras offer some really cool features, including optical image stabilization, exposure control, noise reduction, burst mode, body detection, face detection and a lot more.

Camera for Videography

Apple realizes that the smartphone camera is one of the most important factors based on which people make their buying decision. This is why the company leaves no stone unturned to notch up the quality with every new iPhone release. In the digital world, where everyone has the story to share through YouTube and Facebook videos, it is crucial to offer top-grade video recording solutions through the smartphones. And, these iPhones are just too good at it.

Full HD is one thing, these new iPhones will now let you record 4K videos and that too at different fps rates of 24, 30 and 60. This is incredible! You can now record slo-mo videos right with your iPhone. Of course, you can step down the recording quality from 4K to 1080p or 720p to save the storage space. With lower video recording quality, fps range also reduces.

iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X share 6X digital zoom feature missing in iPhone 8. But, you will find limited optical zoom and image stabilization in all three. These iPhones let you record the videos in the advanced HEVS and H.264 file formats.

To sum it up, I believe that with cameras of such recording capabilities, you will have a completely different video recording experience.

Design and Finish

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus keep up with the tradition and offer the design quite similar to their predecessor. But, with iPhone X, Apple has made a dramatic change, which can potentially revolutionize the smartphone design in future. The company has gone for an ‘all-screen’ design and has dropped the home button. There is no other smartphone in the market to offer such a make. iPhone X will unlock itself using the Face ID technology through the built-in TrueDepth camera.

Before you make this innovation the sole reason to buy iPhone X, please know that the technology still remains untested. Apple carried out some public demonstrations and the results were not necessarily encouraging. The device failed to detect the face on many occasions. If you happen to be an early adopter, this could still be a great pick.

Coming to exteriors, you will be able to pick iPhone X from Space Gray and Silver finish. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are available in Space Gray, Silver and Gold colors. These flagships are more resistant to weathering and wear and tear. With dust resistance coating, the devices retain the gloss for a longer period. The devices are also water resistant for up to 3 feet and nearly 30 minutes. The IP67 certification helps you put more faith in the design.


Power efficiency always remains on the radar of the smartphone manufacturers all the time. Apple has reportedly made its iPhone X more power capable than any other released models. As per the company, X has a battery that can outlive iPhone 7 by nearly 2 hours. That, I would say, is a significant improvement. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus’s battery is much the same though. You can enjoy 20+ hours of continuous talktime on iPhone X and 8 Plus and 14 hours on iPhone 8.

Apple had been struggling to push wireless charging and missed it only marginally with iPhone 7 release last year. This year, all the three upcoming models bring the wireless charging capability alongside the traditional wall-charging. You will just need to lay your iPhone on an inductive pad and the battery will charge itself automatically. The inductive pads are not shipped in the box, but you can buy them separately. They are available in the price range of $20 – $100. Of course, the power adapter and cable are available out of the box. The devices also support fast charging capability with special adapters bought separately. You could charge up your iPhone up to 50% in nearly half an hour.

Operating System (iOS 11)

iOS 11 has been making the buzz for several months. Apple had even released the beta edition of the latest firmware version in some regions on select iOS devices. The iOS 11 talks managed to stir up the curiosity making it one of biggest USPs of the new iPhones. The beta version showed only the glimpse of what iOS 11 is capable of. Finally, we will have the chance to exploit the full potential of this firmware. The three iPhones will be shipped pre-installed with iOS 11.

This is exciting! And Apple claims that iOS 11 will unpack tons of new features and capabilities that will make your device all the more personal and effective. Your smartphone will get smarter with this firmware. It will offer more personalized experience, it will be more intelligent than before, and it will make your device more powerful.

The new iPhones are going to be more technologically advanced hardware and only an operating system like iOS 11 can enable the users to maximize their potential.


Accessibility remains as the integral aspect of the digital devices. The accessibility-related features are designed to help the users with disabilities make the best of their iPhones. Apple takes this seriously and this is why it has included a number of accessibility features. The new iPhones will have the following accessibility features: motor skills, inbuilt support for vision and hearing, voice over, magnifier, zoom, dictation, switch control and a lot more.


The iPhone fans are certainly up for another treat this year. Like the previous years, Apple promises to bring the revolutionary innovations with its new iPhone releases. This time, the company is releasing not two but three flagship smartphones. The new devices offer a significant technological improvement over their predecessors. With superior processing power, enhanced display, advanced cameras and the brand new iOS 11, the upcoming iPhones have already swept away all the news spots.

The most interesting will be to see how iPhone X will fair in the market. With an all-screen design, it is a smartphone like none other. It is the first smartphone to use Face ID technology for access and device unlock.

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