iPhone X FAQ’S- Everything You Wanted To Know About This Phone!

Apple announced three flagship iPhones this month. However, iPhone X is the one that created most hype. The company claims to introduce revolutionary changes in smartphone experience with this device. It has a unique all-screen front and the largest display any smartphone carries today. The pre-orders will begin late in October and shipping will start early November. Apple has managed to arouse enough curiosity and people are digging into the internet to extract more information about it. This is why we bring to you some of the most common questions related to iPhone X and their answers.


1.What is iPhone X

iPhone X is one of the three flagship iPhones announced by Apple in September 2017. As per the company, iPhone X features one of the most advanced hardware components and software programs. It is also superior to the other two releases, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, in a number of ways.

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2.How Much Will it Cost?

iPhone X is available in two variants, 64 GB and 256 GB that will cost $999 and $1,149 respectively. These prices may way depending upon the promotions and discounts available with the carriers. Also, these are the prices in the United States and may be higher in other countries.

3. When Will I be Able to Order It?

The pre-orders for iPhone X start from October 27 and Apple will start shipping them from November 3 in the United States.

4. What Colors is it Available in?

iPhone X will be available for purchase in two color variants – Silver and Space Gray. The other two models are available in Gold as well, but Apple hasn’t said anything about the availability of this color for iPhone X.

5.Can I Purchase Carrier-free, Unlocked iPhone X?

Yes! In fact, in most countries, iPhone X will be available in its unlocked version. However, if you are looking for a SIM-free edition of the device in the United States, you may have to wait for a few weeks. The unlocked versions will be contract/carrier-free and hence will not be available at any discounted price.

6. What are the Storage Options for iPhone X

iPhone X will be available in two, non-expandable storage variants – 64 GB and 256 GB. Except for the storage capacity, both the variants will offer exactly the same hardware components.


1.Which Material the Body of the Device Made of?

iPhone X is encased inside the chassis made of high-quality stainless steel. It features glass panels on the front as well as back.

2.How Does the Front Look Like

iPhone X features an all-screen front, with an almost non-existent bezel. However, in order to accommodate the front camera, microphone, speaker and a host of sensors, Apple had to cut out a small notch on the top. Except for the notch, the entire front is made of glass.

3.Is it True That iPhone X Does Not Have a Home Button

Yes! It is true that iPhone X does not feature the Home Button. The Home Button was dropped to allow the all-screen design. Apple has also done away with the Touch ID in iPhone X. However, Touch ID will still be available in iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

The company has introduced Face ID in place of Touch ID in iPhone X. The Face ID technology uses the sensors on the front for facial scanning and recognition in order to unlock the device. We will learn more about Face ID a little later in this article.

4. Is it Waterproof?

iPhone X is water resistant up to 3 ft in water and for up to 30 minutes. So, technically speaking, it is not waterproof. It is IP67 certified and capable of avoiding water damages to a great extent.

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1.Does iPhone X Offer Superior Hardware Specs as Compared to Other Devices?

Most definitely yes! iPhone X features enhanced hardware components compared to most other smartphones present in the market. In fact, in many ways, it is even superior to the other two iPhones that are slated to release in September.

2.Does it Have a Better Display than iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Yes! iPhone X boasts of a better display than the other two releases. For starters, it has a 5.8-inch screen size, bigger than both. It also has higher resolution, color density, and contrast ratio. iPhone X is also the first Apple mobile device to use OLED screen. Even iPhone 8 and 8 Plus use the LCD screen.

3.How Good is its Processor?

iPhone X, 8 Plus and iPhone 8 feature the same chipset A11 Bionic. Several tests have proven that A11 Bionic is the most superior smartphone processor by far. No other smartphone, including Samsung Galaxy S8, comes closer to the processing prowess of this chip.


1.What Exactly is Face ID?

Face ID is Apple’s proprietary biometric technology that uses the sensors, front camera, flood illuminator, dot projector and the infrared camera for facial scanning and facial recognition. Face ID is used to unlock the device as iPhone X does not feature Touch ID like other iPhones. Face ID can also be used to authorize the Apple Pay payments.

2.What If It is Dark?

Apple claims that the Face ID technology will still work even if it is dark. In low light or NO light conditions, the flood illuminator will be used for face scanning.

3.What About Privacy? Where is All the Facial Data Saved

As per Apple, the users have no reason to be concerned about the privacy. All the data related to Face ID is stored locally and never sent to the company’s servers. This means that your right to privacy is maintained and Face ID is completely safe.

4. What if Someone Uses My Photograph to Unlock the Phone?

iPhone X uses the TrueDepth camera for 3D depth mapping to identify your face. Since the photographs are 2D, they cannot be used to unlock the device. Apple claims that even the most meticulously designed sculpted mask will not be able to unlock the device.

5.What if Someone Scans My Face While I Am Sleeping?

For the device to unlock, your eyes must be open. If the eyes are closed, the Face ID technology will not work. This makes it even more secure than the Touch ID, which anyone can use to unlock the phone by placing your finger on the sensor while you are sleeping or unconscious.

6.What if Face ID Isn’t Working or I Need to Authorize Someone to Access My iPhone When I Am Not Available?

If you do not wish to use Face ID to unlock the device, you can always set a six-digit passcode. In the event when Face ID cannot be used, you can unlock your iPhone X using the password.

7. What if I Am Wearing Glasses or Cut or Grown Facial Hair?

Apple says that Face ID will continue to work even if you wear prescription glasses. In fact, it will work with most kinds of sunglasses too. However, if your sunglasses come with IR blocking, Face ID will not work as it will not be able to scan your eyes.

The facial hair will have no effect on Face ID. Whether you had a beard and you are now clean shaved or grown beard, Face ID will still be able to recognize your face. If you have shaved off your head, again it won’t cause any issues with Face ID.

8.Does Face ID Ever Get Automatically Disabled?

Yes! Face ID can get disabled automatically in the following scenarios:

When the device is rebooted

If the iPhone X hasn’t been unlocked with Face ID in last 48 hours

If there have been 2 failed to unlock attempts using Face ID

If iPhone X hasn’t been unlocked using a password in last 6 days and 12 hrs

If you haven’t used the Face ID in last 4 hours.

9. Is it Possible to Disable the Face ID Manually?

If you wish to disable Face ID permanently, you will need to go to Settings menu from the home screen. If you wish to disable it only temporarily, you can press the volume and power buttons together. The Face ID will remain disabled until you unlock your device with your PIN or password.


1.What Version of iOS iPhone X Will be Available in?

iPhone X will be shipped with iOS 11, the much-awaited firmware release of this year.

2.How Do I Go Back to the Home Screen from any App Since There is No Home Button?

In the absence of Home Button, you will need to use the swipe up gesture from the bottom to return to the Home Screen from the interface of any app.

3.How Do I Run Siri Without the Home Button?

There are two ways to start Siri on your iPhone X. You can give the voice command ‘Hey Siri’ and the digital assistant will open up instantly. Alternately, you can press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for about 2 seconds to launch Siri. The Sleep/Wake button does NOT double as the Power button when it comes to shutting down your iPhone X.

4.How Do I Shut Down My Device Without Power Button?

Powering off your device without the Power button gets a little tricky (and a bit inconvenient) with iPhone X. You will need to navigate to the Shut Down option in Settings. Here is the path: Settings >> General >> Shut Down. You will now see the ‘slide to power off’ screen where you can slide to shut the device down.

5.How Do I See the List of the Open Apps for Multitasking Purposes?

Looks like Apple somehow forgot to add the popular gesture 3D Touch, which would bring up the list of all the open apps. The company has confirmed that this gesture will be restored in one of the upcoming updates. For now, you can see the list of the currently open apps by swiping up from the bottom. But, while doing so, do not go all the way or else it will take you to the home screen. Instead, swipe up only the halfway and pause without lifting the finger.

6.How Would the File Manager Look like in iPhone X?

iPhone X introduces a new ‘File’ app. It is quite like any other file manager you had on your previous iOS devices only with a new name. The app is pre-installed on iOS 11.


1.How Do the iPhone X Cameras Look Like?

iPhone X has a dual camera setup in the back. Bot these cameras are 12MP capable. However, one camera offers a wider aperture of f/1.8 for wide-angle photography, the other is a telephoto camera with an aperture of f/2.4. The device also has two cameras in the front, but only one is used for taking pictures. The primary front camera is of 7MP. The infra-red camera will be used for Face ID.

2.Do the Cameras Have Auto-Focus?

Yes! iPhone X cameras use the Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) to focus on the subjects automatically. Laser guided auto-focus is not included.

3.What Quality Does iPhone X Capture the Video in?

iPhone X is capable of recording videos in up to 4K resolution. With 4K recording, 24, 30 and 60 fps options are available.

4.Does iPhone X Have a Better Battery?

Apple claims that iPhone X has better quality battery than any other iPhones including iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. The company says that iPhone X can last 2 hours longer than iPhone 7.

5.Does iPhone X Support Fast Charging and Wireless Charging?

Yes! iPhone X supports both fast charging and wireless charging. However, the fast charger isn’t available out of the box. You need to buy it separately. The device is compatible with wireless Qi charging. You need to buy the charging pod separately.

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