Learn To Edit Photos In Mac Using Irfanview- A Brief Guide!

IrfanView is a powerful tool for novice users, it allows you to transform quality, light, colour and size of your desired photo. It automatically provides you exciting tools for editing a particular picture on IrfanView.

IrfanView was first released on 1996 by Mr. Irfan Skiljan. Back at the time IrfanView was just a school project but gradually it turned out to be his desired job and a hobby to maintain. The Software is free for its non commercial users which actually increases its demand in the market.

Edit Photos in Mac using irfanview

What’s so special about IrfanView?

The world has become more digital today with digitalised computers, smartphones, door locks and photographs. The most essential thing for your precious photographs is to save them with extreme causality.


During the old days we used to capture photographs and get printed copies but now when we save photographs in our computer and other devices, editing tool is the most important aspect to follow. While you can watch your desired pictures on the screen, it is also essential to edit and transform them the way we want.

Gone are those days when we used to visit photographers and get them edited. It is pointless to visit a photographer’s shop now when we have a tiny yet powerful editing tool with us. To understand this software better let’s go through its powerful features.

  • Availability

IrfanView since its inception has been free of its valuable users, First it was just launched for Windows PC but with time and increasing demand the software has been recently released for iOS users on Mac.

While you download the software it says that the software is free of cost for non commercial users  like at home or in educational institutions. For commercial use, please contact the developers through email and get information regarding its price, discounts and payment methods.

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  • Edit Images

IrfanView provides you a good stock of editing tools starting from Rotating, resizing and cropping. You can change colour, contrast, brightness, tint level, create Panorama, add watermark and color depth of the picture automatically or manually. All the editing tools are given conveniently on the sidebar.

  • Software size and space

With a really small size IrfanView offers some amazing editing tools and plugins to count on. It is originally of 1.6 MB in size but if you download the full version of the software, the size extends to 10MB which includes all the plugins and extra tools.

Definitely with 1.6MB size you have to download these plugins sooner or later. But with 10MB everything is coming out to be free for you. It comes in an EXE file format which consumes very less space of your device.

  • Slideshows and Screensavers

Unlike other editing tools IrfanView has the ability to provide you great slideshow and screensaver techniques. You create your own screensavers, apply them to your computer and decide its visual and sound quality.

If we talk about SlideShows, IrfanView has amazing tools to count on. It simply allows you to create slideshows with additional Mp3 audio. You can decide the commence time for example, 5s or 3s or more. It can intelligently allow you to fix automatic start or a mouse click or keyboard input. It just provides you the best editing tools for a slideshow.

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  • User Interface

Though the user interface seems quite simple and old fashioned, it still has the ability to create magic on your photos with extraordinary editing tools. It simply provides all the options on the screen for you to adjust your hands through the software for a better use. While most of the other softwares are quite difficult to understand, IrfanView is developed in a way that can be understood easily by novice users as well.

  • Plugins

There are plenty number of plugins available for IrfanView. As we have already mentioned if you download 10MB file all the plugins will be available automatically. But if you download 1.6MB file you have to download the plugins differently.

For plugins there are two options available: the first package contains Mp3, Quicktime, Nero, Med, Real Audio and many more. The second package includes Crw, EaFSh, Format, B3D, JPEG2000 and many more.


irfanView supports TWAIN scanner for scanning pictures from different devices such as Digital camera, video capture cards and many more. Just click on the menu option, go to TWAIN and connect your device through the software.

  • Overlay

Effect overlay allows you to give attractive effects on the picture you desire to edit. The tools under effect overlay are Blur, sharpen, Adobe 8BF, Filter factory, unlimited filter etc. It basically ives an outer look to your picture once it is edited thoroughly from your side. These effects give an extra effective look to your photographs.


Install IrfanView on Mac

As we all are aware of the fact that IrfanView has just released for iOS devices. Therefore today we’ll learn to install the app on your Mac within few easy steps.

  • Download WineBottler 1.2.3 from its official website.
  • Go to the software and select “Install predefined Prefixes”
  • Find IrfanView from the many options given on the screen and select to install
  • A pop up window opens asking for saving location. Select your prefered location and save the software.
  • After the process is completed you’ll receive a message saying “Prefix created successfully”.
  • Now you are ready to use IrfanView as and when you like.

Wrap Up

IrfanView has a maximum of 1 million downloads every month which is why it is on the top in the list of archives. Being a pioneer software it can still compete with popular, expensive editing tools available for computers and as mobile applications.

It definitely needs no touch up on its user interface, the UI is perfect for non commercial uses. It is very easy to understand and simple to follow. Download the software today on your computer and let the magic begin!

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