Oppo Neo 5 Review: Specifications, Features and Price

Last updated February 3rd, 2016

OPPO, a fast-growing electronics company, has been riveting in tremendous attention in the wake of the launch of its new gadget in India – Neo 5, which is bearing the tag of ‘affordable’ device with ‘top-of-the-line’ features. The device is available in India at a price of Rs 9,990. However, if you have been trapped in a dilemma of choice, our review may help you in making a better purchasing decision. Scroll down to know more about OPPO’s Neo 5.


The Specifications


OPPO Neo 5 isn’t an amazing device, but doesn’t frustrate your expectations either. It is not an exquisite phone, though everything doesn’t go against it. As far as the body is concerned, it has a sleek and gorgeous body, much to the gratification of the users. Its features are winsome, and have been made with a view to being looked rather expensive and to some extent the costly one. It makes the users, replete with ecstasy and mirthfulness. Despite being a phone with a nominal cost, Neo 5 would be supplying you with all the new-age tools, and we are sure that you wouldn’t regret your choice, and think of it as a gratuitous one.

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Oppo Neo 5 has white exteriors, and the front as well as the rear sides of the phone are tinted with metallic finish. The bezels of the screen sides are slightly thicker, however, and the bottom line is comparatively streamlined, where the capacitive buttons are found. As per the decision taken by OPPO, it can be summarily said that it has resolved for a menu key, setting aside the Android’s now-default multitasking button. OPPO attempted a ‘menu’ comeback, which could have been praised in the past, but now the step makes no sense as new layout designs have entered in the market.


OPPO’s Neo 5 is compact and sweet with a screen of 4.45 inches. The device is easy to handle, which doesn’t run away from your grip, thanks to the plastic-made side panels. If we talk about the visual display, this is something too ordinary. Neo 5 is provided with a resolution of 480*854 and 220 ppi, which will make you critical to the new gadget.

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User Interface

No, we haven’t resorted to nitpicking yet, but just unclothing the operational gaps in Neo 5, which could have been averted if better things had fallen in place. User Interface isn’t a heartening feature of the gadget, considering a RAM of only 1 GB, which can bring a slump in its value and sales numbers. The poor internal memory is somewhat disappointing to a certain extent, yet, the accommodation of quad-core 1.2GHz can be much of a rescue. What mars the functionality is the abrupt breaks and slowing down of the phone unnecessarily because of an inappropriate UI. Overall, the UI is pretty okay, and OPPO deserves all the credit in the universe for devising a pleasant system by easing up on the prices. However, the entire story isn’t free of holes.

What can possibly miff you is the popping out of the app-based messages by default. The calendar app is  distressing with forceful reminders. Ah! They can easily ruffle you. Browsing isn’t a fun either, as it is snail-paced even on the 4G connectivity.


OPPO Neo 5 deserves all accolades for its cutting-edge camera. With a high-performance camera equipment, OPPO has sounded that it isn’t a company to be treated in a cavalier attitude. Despite being a humble company with a bouquet of low-end products, OPPO has struck the gold in the camera domain. Neo 5 is laden with a 8 megapixel camera with Sony IMX179 and Backside Illuminated Sensor. The front-facing camera is of 2 MP range, and works wonderfully.

What is praiseworthy is the negligible occurrence of color balance difficulties and visual noise in Neo 5, a feature that places this gadget at a step ahead on the ladder. This is definitely a perfect buy for someone who doesn’t want to spend much, but has a great fixation with a top-quality camera.

Battery and Weight

Battery of Neo 5 measures up to the expectations and requirements. With a power capacity to run seamlessly for 180 hours, the battery is definitely a ‘crowning glory’ of the gadget. Neo 5 is employed with a 2000 mAh Li-Polymer battery, which is going to keep many people fully satisfied. OPPO’s Neo 5 reaches a measure of 135gm on weight index.

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The Final Verdict

OPPO Neo 5, being a mid-range phone, is a bag of highs and holes. However, the phone is one of a likeable proposition to turn heads in the international and ever-expanding smartphone market. If you can manage to brush the negatives under the carpet, it is definitely a good product.

Those who seek for a monstrous storage capacity in a smartphone, they are bound to get miffed by the cramped memory of 1 GB. Some default setting is extremely irksome. But, still it does run much faster than its rivals, which is an excellent factor. The camera is the USP of Neo 5.

In short, Neo 5 is a spot-on smartphone, which will pay you in the long run.

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