Whatsapp Video Calling APK Download For Android

For an Android user, Whatsapp is probably an essential app to have. It is great to keep in touch with friends, and with the recent addition of the video calling feature, the app has effectively conquered the communications genre in apps.

Whatsapp Video Calling APK download for Android

Flashback to a few months ago, when Google’s applications Allo and Duo made it to the internet and offered state of the art interaction benefits like Android’s text powered version of Siri, Google Assistant. Within a few months, Google Assistant has been digested into most recent Android OS to a large extent, and now Duo’s primary feature with which it sought to challenge Whatsapp’s reign no longer holds promise. With Whatsapp’s latest APK Update now bringing in Video calling with your contacts, things are bound to take a new dimension. Do you know what is the Meaning of Whatsapp Emoticon, Symbol and Smiley.

WhatsApp Video Calling Feature: All You Need To Know:

It hasn’t been long since voice calling was first introduced into Whatsapp, which made apps like Viber obsolete. Still, a large section of video chatting still remained of Microsoft’s Skype, despite its glaring problems, and small chunks of the market fell to the part of apps and services like Google Duo and Snapchat. Now, since basically everyone is on Whatsapp, the Facebook app is set to rise to the top of the genre in no time.

Here are the key points to know about WhatsApp’s Video Calling feature.

  • WhatsApp numbers are all one needs to initiate a video call with someone.
  • The call can be muted and you can switch to text mode in between a call.
  • For people with dual camera phones, you can switch between the two using a simple tap on a button.
  • So far, only personal chats provide the option of being turned into video calls. Groups are yet to see the feature arrive, unlike with the other popular Facebook service, Facebook Messenger.
  • The service is not the most technologically advanced. The Video call can take some time to be notified on the other party’s phone.
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How To Download WhatsApp Video Calling Feature On Your Android?

The WhatsApp apk file you’re looking for to get Video Calling feature is the 2.16.318 version, though any version above this works as well, given how the most recent series is 2.17. The app is available right through the Play Store.

WhatsApp Video Calling Feature on your Android

If you haven’t received your Whatsapp Video Calling update yet, you might require updating your WhatsApp to download the proper apk file. Here is how to do it.

  1. Go to the Play Store on your Android device. Go to the top left corner and tap the hamburger menu.
  2. Under Apps and Games, go to My Apps and Games.
  3. On the screen you should find all the apps you have downloaded from the store, on the very top of which should be the apps that require updating.
  4. Update them all by pressing the Update All button. Or, Go to WhatsApp’s page and press Update there to only update it specifically.
  5. Your latest Whatsapp Video Calling Apk should be downloaded and ready in a matter of seconds.

The other option can be to reinstall Whatsapp altogether, though you may lose some data that way, like messages you haven’t saved. Backup your data before, if you opt for this method at all. Check it out How to Install WhatsApp on an iPad?

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