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Best AirPower Alternatives Wireless Charging for iPhone X, iPhone 8, and 8 Plus

With iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, the flagships of 2017, Apple introduced wireless charging its users had been waiting for, for a long time. Several Android devices had already been supporting wireless charging for quite some time. Wireless charging requires an all-glass back design, which Apple hadn’t been able to implement before these new iPhones. Apple users had to wait a little longer but finally, it is here. These recently released Qi-enabled devices can now charge wirelessly with any Qi standard wireless charger.

Apple itself has announced AirPower, its in-house wireless charger. AirPower will be able to charge a variety of Apple devices including iPhones, AirPods and Apple Watches. However, it does not ship until a little late next year. Thankfully, there are already many wireless chargers out there in the market that can charge your iPhone effectively. In the meantime, until AirPower is released, you may want to shop around for the compatible wireless chargers for your iPhone. It is also rumored that AirPower will be priced at nearly $200. So, it anyway makes sense to look for its alternatives. Here is our list of top 15 wireless chargers you can use.

1)Belkin BOOST UP

Belkin BOOST UP is undeniably one of the best alternatives to AirPower. If you are looking to charge your latest iPhone quickly, BOOST UP is what you should be looking at. This wireless charger features a sleek, compact and elegant design. In spite of being extremely portable, it is still very powerful. Its transmitter coil is capable of delivering the 7.5W power, which clearly makes it better than the regular 5W chargers around. What I like about this device is that, unlike many other wireless chargers, it does not overheat. This is why it is best for continuous charging. Belkin has given several incredible smartphone accessories and BOOST UP is definitely worth your money. In fact, this charger can even charge your iPhone with a case. Just make sure that the case is not thicker than 3mm. BOOST UP is priced at $59.99.


2)Spigen Essential F301W

F301W is one of the fastest wireless chargers for iPhone at this time. It offers a transmitter coil with the maximum power of 10W. So, it goes without saying that it will charge your device faster than most other charges with 5W and 7.5W power. The surface of this wireless charger is designed to provide enough traction so that your device doesn’t slip and drop. F301W is a compact and lightweight charger that offers ease of use and portability. You can slip into your pocket or a handbag and carry it everywhere.

F301W is fast but you must have a matching power adapter to optimize the charging. We would recommend QuickCharge 2.0 or 3.0 power adapter. What I also like about this wireless charger is that it is relatively cheaper than many other chargers. It is priced at $27.99 but some dealers are running discounts and you may get it for around $24.99 at this time.

3)Samsung Charging Stand

Samsung wireless charger has been around for a while and it will not be an exaggeration to say that they are also the most trusted. This is why it merits the entry in this list. One of the best things I like about this charger is that not only does it let you lay your device on the charging pad, you can also position it vertically. So, if you wish to use your device or, say, watch a video while it is being charged, you can do that easily.

Samsung wireless charger features a portable and elegant design. It is presently available in four colors including white, black, gold and silver. Even though Samsung is an Android brand, the Qi support lets you charge your iPhones as effectively. This charger is powerful and can power up your device nearly 1.5 faster than the standard chargers. But, fast charging may not be compatible with iPhones. The anti-skid surface makes sure your device remains stable while charging. It also has an LED indicator that lets you know whether the device is aligned properly or not. The regular price of Samsung Wireless Charger is $59.99 but you can get it at the promotional price of $35.


UGPine is most definitely one of the best alternatives to AirPower. It is an extremely affordable wireless charger and yet it packs a number of features. It offers an ultra-slim and highly compact design allowing incredible ease of use and portability. The charger also looks futuristic and visually very appealing. But, it is not just about the looks or weight. It is also very effective. It can charge your device nearly 1.4 times faster than the regular Qi pads. It also has built-in protection mechanism that keeps your device safe from voltage spikes and drops and also short-circuits. The surface is non-slippery and keeps the device stable. UGpine is a fast charger but to charge in the fast mode you will need QC 2.0 or QC 3.0 power adapter. You can buy this charger for less than $20 on many popular e-commerce websites.



When you lay down your iPhone on the charging pad, you cannot use the device very comfortably. Thankfully, like Samsung, PLESON also has a stand that lets you place the device vertically allowing you to interact with it more conveniently. If you don’t intend to use the smartphone, you can also put it horizontally. As compared to the standard chargers, PLESON can charge your device 1.4 times faster. This charger is designed to be durable and can withstand prolonged use without sustaining wear and tear.

The surface offers an anti-skid mat that prevents the device from slipping. PLESON has built-in support for voltage protection against sudden spike and drops in voltage. It is also a slim and compact charger and generates minimal heat. This keeps your device from overheating while charging. The charger also has an LED indicator that turns on the moment you put the device on charging. The indicator automatically turns off after 10 seconds so that your sleep doesn’t get disturbed. PLESON is also an affordable wireless charger priced at around $25. But, you can buy it cheaper on some websites running special promotions.


This is another wireless charger for iPhone that can be an effective replacement of AirPower. Risetech affords a better viewing angle as it allows you to place the device both horizontally and vertically. Horizontal positioning allows you to use the device while it is getting charged. With dual coil support, Risetech offers faster charging. Like many others on this list, it can charge your device 1.4 times faster than most of the standard Qi chargers. But, you must have a QC 2.0 or 3.0 wall adapter to take advantage of its speedy charging capability. Risetech has a built-in security system that prevents your device in the event of a current surge or voltage drop. While the standard price of Risetech is $39.99, you can buy it at less than half this price on various websites.


Anker is a good manufacturer of charging products that have primarily focused on power banks for smartphones. But, now they have forayed into the Qi pads market and have come up with a unique charging pad for Qi supported devices including iPhones. Anker is unique because it offers a power-efficient mode. This mode makes sure that your device does not get overcharged. As a result, your battery’s lifespan increases significantly. It also has a built-in temperature control mode which triggers at 107-degree Fahrenheit. This feature prevents the charger and the device from overheating as well as overcharging. The charging pad has an LED indicator that tells you the charging status. In spite of being such a feature-rich, capable charger, Anker is inexpensive. It is priced at $18.99.




Just like Anker, KingYue also has the built-in support for temperature control. This keeps the charger from getting overheated. Additionally, it has a cooling fan that withers the heat away. As a result, KingYue generates very little heat and keeps your device safe. KingYue also has the power saving mode that turns the charger off once the device is fully charged. This charger carries a dual inductive coil for faster charging. However, the dual-coil system also makes it a bit larger than the other chargers on this list. If you are looking for an ultra-compact wireless charger, KingYue may not be the best for you. It is an affordable charger priced at around $25.


JETech is definitely one of the most inexpensive wireless chargers you will find. It carries a price tag of $13.99 on most websites making it the cheapest thus far. But, let not the price give you any biases. It is a very effective, powerful charger. JETech is a very reliable and safe charger. It may not be as fast as the others but you can always trust it will not cause any harm to your device. It also turns off automatically once the device is fully charged. JETech has a simple and elegant looking design. It also comes with a manufacturer warranty of 6 months.


Seneo is another name in the wireless charging market people have come to trust over time. This affordable charger is available for purchase for $17.99 on Amazon and other popular websites. It is a cheap yet effective charging device. Seneo offers a charging stand that lets you place your smartphone vertically. That offers more comfort when you need to interact with the device. However, it does not have a charging pad and hence you cannot lay the device horizontally. The anti-skid mat makes sure your device doesn’t slip. It also has an LED indicator to keep an eye on the charging status. Seneo is presently available in two colors – black and white. The charger also carries an 18-month manufacturer warranty.


11)Mophie Wireless Charger

Mophie Wireless Charger is one of the best AirPower alternatives for iPhone users. What I really like about this charger is its design, which is sleek, compact and very minimal. Mophie carries the power capability of 7.5W. This is why it can charge your iPhone faster than the standard wireless chargers. With the release of iOS 11.2, the fast charging of iPhones has now been enabled. Mophie charger features a TPU surface that holds the device firmly and prevents it from slipping. Mophie is indeed an incredible wireless charger but everything it offers comes at a relatively bigger price. It is available for nearly $60.


If you are looking for a wireless charger that can also double as a home decor item, SurgeDisk could be the right choice for you. The natural wood finish lends SurgeDisk an incredible visual appeal and makes it blend with the home decor effortlessly. But, looks are not the reason why one must buy SurgeDisk; it is also a very effective wireless charger. Not only does it offer fast charging, it also packs security features that prevent your device from current spikes, voltage drops, short circuits etc. SurgeDisk is available for $32.99.

13)Choetech T513

Compact wireless chargers are great as they offer more portability. But, one big problem with them is that you must align your device correctly in order for it to charge. That’s definitely not the case with T513. This wireless charger features a 3-coil system that affords a much larger charging surface. You can put your phone just about anywhere on the top without having to worry about perfect alignment. Of course, wider charging base compromises a bit with portability. But, T513 is still lightweight and you can easily carry it in a handbag if not your pocket. This wireless charger offers temperature control, voltage control and many other security features. And, all of it comes for a very reasonable price tag of $17.99.

14)Smart Electronics System Charging Mat

This charging device from Smart Electronics System is branded as Mat and not a charging Pad owing to its sleek design. This mat can charge just about all the Qi compatible devices. So, whether you have the latest iPhone or an Android device with Qi support, you can power them all up. It also has a temperature control system that prevents it from overheating. It is pretty affordable too at $19.95.


AirPower is likely to be an advanced, high-end wireless charger for the Apple devices. But, the price tag it is rumored to carry will discourage many iPhone users from buying it. Furthermore, while wireless charging capabilities are already out, you will still need to wait for months for AirPower to be available. This is why it makes a lot of sense to go for one of its alternatives at this time. There are plenty of wireless chargers out there with lots of features. Take a look at our list and pick the one you think is best for you.