AOL Instant Messenger Shuts Down, Lets See Some of its Top Alternatives

AIM was one of the first instant messaging services and became incredibly popular soon after its introduction. The service remained in existence for nearly two decades, a feat no other IM service has yet achieved. However, with new and more advanced IM services coming in, AIM’s popularity faded rapidly. The fast thinning out user base left the company with no choice but decommission this legendary service.


With AOL being shut down after remaining in service for 20 years, it only makes sense to look for some alternatives. While a number of instant messaging services have made way to mainstream glory, not all of them can be considered as a replacement of AOL. Here is our list of the top AOL alternatives starting with the lesser known ones and eventually leading to those we are well acquainted of.

Ice Instant Messaging:


If you would visit the Ice Instant Messaging official website, you will be greeted by a pop-up reminding that AOL has been decommissioned and Ice could serve as a suitable alternative. The pop-up also has a button that takes you to the registration page. This notification clearly tells that this instant messaging service considers itself and claims to be the best alternative to AOL. If you have any questions or doubts, they also have an FAQ page specially created for the AIM users. This page answers all your question regarding migration from AOL to Ice. It tells you how to import your AIM contacts easily. It also tells you how to reach out to a number of traders that privately communicate with each other using the Ice network.


If you are looking for one of the most secured instant messaging platforms to replace AIM for your communication needs, Telegram is the one to consider. Telegram offers a wide range of security features to make sure your communications remain safe. It has the end-to-end encryption keeping your chats out of the reach of the intruders. It also lets you send self-destructing texts and files that are not saved on the server. Telegram is supported on a wide range of platforms including mobiles and computers. In fact, it also has a browser-based web app. Telegram’s protocol and API are open and completely free.

CME Pivot:

This platform claims to be the single access point for a number of instant messaging services such as Skype, Lync, Twitter and more. It lets you reach out to the traders and other market participants using a reliable and secure network. Not only does CME Pivot bring many IM networks onto a single platform, it also has a network of its own which is reliable, customizable and fast. CME packs a number of features including blasting, group chat, parsing, collaboration rooms, open room and more.


Even though Keybase has promoted itself as the alternative to Slack messaging service, many have now started considering as the replacement of AIM. Keybase is free to use and offers a variety of professional and security features. Keybase is highly secure with end-to-end encryption. It is an open source application backed by a strong community of developers. Keybase is available on mobiles and computers. You can learn more about it at


Of course! WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging network used by more than a billion worldwide. While it is largely considered as a casual messaging service, it is still extensively used by professionals. And now, with WhatsApp Business making it to the market, it is even more appropriate to call it a viable alternative to AOL network. WhatsApp Business is new and mostly unexplored but it is expected to act as a solid platform to reach out to traders, market participants and even target audience.

Microsoft Skype:

Skype is one of the oldest messaging networks and the most widely used among the professionals. Skype was once the only service trusted by the organizations and professionals. Today, it is popular among the casual users as well. Skype is now owned by Microsoft and offers a number of features to enable effective professional communications. It is available on mobiles and computers. Skype lets you make video calls, VoIP calls, and calls to landline and mobiles phones. You can also send text messages, media files, and data files using Skype network.

AOL Alternatives – CONCLUSION

The internet users of 90s would know the importance of AOL messaging like none other. AOL is considered as the pioneer of instant messaging with its AIM (AOL instant messenger). Now the sun has set on AOL and we bid farewell to this 20-year-old service. But, while we do so, we also look at some of its replacements in this article. Even though AIM was once the most popular and most widely used instant messaging platform, it’s time to even bask in its glory came to an end on December 15, 2017.

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