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Apple announced its new line of iMac computers at the Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference earlier this year in June called iMac Pro. They will be available for sale from December 14, 2017. As the company claims, the iMac Pro will be the most powerful iMac computers ever to be designed.

These new all-in-one computers carry a 32 GB RAM (expandable up to 128 GB) and are powered by the Intel Xeon processor. You also get powerful 8GB AMD Radeon Pro Vega 56 GPU (configurable to 16GB) and 1 TB SSD Hard drive.  But these computers do not come cheap. They are available at various price points starting from $4,999. Apple had revealed only three variants at the conference with 8, 10 and 18-core processors. 8 and 10-core Intel Xeon are already extremely fast processors. But, if that’s not enough and if you want more, Apple has a surprise for you. Sometime in 2018 another two even more powerful variants will be released with 14 and 18-core processors.

What’s more surprising is that Apple itself hadn’t mentioned the 14-core iMac Pro variant until the release date of December 14. You could not find any information on Apple’s website either. This information was leaked by a YouTuber named MKBHD, who is also somewhat a YouTube celebrity. We hadn’t found any leaks regarding this variant on any other websites too. But Marques Brownlee, the owner of MKBHD is a reputed and trustworthy source. If it was coming from him, it ought to be true; and indeed it is. Now you can go to and in the processor section see what all the new iMac Pro will be configurable to.

If you have been waiting for iMac Pro for last six months, you will have to wait a bit longer for 14 and 18-core versions. At this time, you can only buy the 8 and 10-core iterations.  18-core and the recently announced 14-core will likely be shipped together in March or April of 2018.

So, there are 4 selling points now with starting price of $4,999. If you are looking to buy the iMac Pro at the other end of the price spectrum (18-core version), get ready to shell out more than $12,000. For a creative professional who needs to bulk edit 4K and 5K videos, the new iMac Pro versions are perfect and justify their price tag in every way.