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10 Best Apps Like Flipagram Worth Give A Try!

Flipagram is a photo and video sharing app that seems to have drawn inspiration largely from Instagram and SnapChat. It brings some of the best features of both these apps together. While using the app you may feel you are rapidly juggling between Instagram and SnapChat; so much so that you may suspect if it is the cross of the two.

Nevertheless, Flipagram may still not be all you want. If you are looking for its alternatives, here is the list of 10 best apps like Flipagram but better, in fact, these apps also tops the chart of best video editing software.

#1 Instagram

Let’s face it! There isn’t a photo sharing app even remotely close to Instagram as far as the number of users (and downloads are concerned.) However, when it comes to drawing parallels between the features, Instagram could easily be called the closest relative of Flipagram. As I have already said, Flipagram is like the cross-breed of Instagram and SnapChat, with more resemblance to the latter than former. Instagram is one of the best apps like Flipagram without watermark

The app design also looks quite like that of Flipagram. Just like Flipagram, Instagram also lets you share your story by letting you share multiple images at the same time. But, Flipagram also lets you add your own music to the videos, which Instagram does not. Flipagram looks a lot like Instagram and their names rhyme too. Coincidence? if you are looking for some cool Instagram usernames, you can check them out on our website.

#2 PicFlow

PicFlow mixes your photos and audio tracks together to create amazing slideshows that look a lot like music videos. PicFlow comes packed with a number of incredible features and tools that help you create some beautiful memories with your photos. It gives you full control over how you create the slideshows.

You can pick the photos from the gallery or click directly from the phone camera. You can assign the timing to each photo individually in the slideshow. This way you control which pictures appears longer and which goes away quickly.

#3 Snapchat

Those who use Flipagram and SnapChat both will know how strikingly similar they are in many respects. SnapChat looks like the other parent of the app. You must have noticed that the way SnapChat shares the stories through videos and images is much like the way Flipagram does. But, the biggest difference is that SnapChat stories get deleted automatically within 24 hours whether you want or not (and perhaps that’s what makes it all the more intriguing and popular).

One of the best apps like Flipagram but better, SnapChat also lets you add custom background music to the videos. SnapChat also has many other additional features. For instance, it lets you chat with snaps that can only be seen once. If you wish to know how to delete Snapchat, you can read it on our website.

#4 InstaShot

Instagram is a great platform to share photos and videos with the world. It has its own community of millions of users worldwide. Everything about Instagram is great except that sometimes you may find it lacking in features and functionalities.

It does have some filters and editing tools to enhance the photos but sometimes you want to do more. Same is the case with Flipagram. This is where InstaShot comes into the picture. It helps you create Instagram ready slideshows that require no further editing. It has some awesome tools that both Instagram and Flipagram lack. Not only can you add the music to the slideshows but also custom texts and many other elements.

#5 Triller

Triller does bear some resemblance to Flipagram. However, it is more of a video creating app than anything else. Triller also lets the users add custom music to the videos and the slideshows. You could create your own videos and supplement it with the music of your choice. So, in a way, you can create some cool music videos using this application.

There are many tools to enhance and beautify your videos too. For instance, you can choose one of the many filters it offers to make your video more presentable. The videos you produce can be easily shared with everyone else on Triller. If you are someone who loves to create videos, this is the app you would like to have on your phone.

#6 Dubsmash

Dubsmash is also a very popular app. You cannot draw too many similarities with Flipagram, but this app also lets you share videos. The way Dubsmash works is very different. It features thousands of short voice tracks that include popular dialogues from movies, songs, quotes, and more.

The app lets you lets you create your own video while you lips synch to one of the audio tracks. This means that you also get the chance to deliver your favorite dialogues. You can look up on YouTube for a number of videos created using Dubsmash. In fact, there are some really funny videos by celebrities as well.

#7 FlashGap

FlashGap is also not the app you may call similar to Flipagram. This app also lets your share the pictures but through its albums. Besides that you can share pictures, there are no other similarities between the two. You can create some cool albums in this app and invite the others to view it. You can also allow people to add more photos and images to the albums.

The app gets more interesting after the photos have been added. The photos you added will be removed from the app and your phone. However, they will reappear the next day around noon. Feeling Déjà vu? Yes, you can relate it to the Hollywood movie ‘The Hangover.’ Let’s say you are having a party at night where you get all sloshed up and remember nothing, the app will jog your memory the next day. While it may not be very useful, FlashGap is definitely great fun to have.

#8 Slideshow Maker

Honestly, Slideshow Maker isn’t very similar to Flipagram. The only thing common between the two is that they let the users create the slideshows and add custom music to it. Slideshow Maker isn’t also a Social Media app. This means that it does not have a social community where you can share your slideshows.

It saves the slideshows to your phone. Well, this also means that you can share your creation easily on the other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Slideshow Maker features cool filters and stickers to make your slideshows more appealing.

#9 Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch can be called one of the best alternatives to Flipagram. Pic Stitch may not as popular as Flipagram, but it definitely is worth a try. In fact, Mashable ranked it among the top photo applications of the current time. The app lets you create some incredible memories through collages.

You can select the pictures you want to add to the collage and Pic Stitch will do the rest for you. The app uses some really nice effects to enhance the appearance of the pictures. You can save the photos on your phone and share it on social media platforms.

#10 FrameUrLife

FreamUrLife isn’t exactly like Flipagram but it does enhance your photos and images. The app lets you frame your photos and make them look even better. There are tons of frames available. You can pick the size, shape, and the color you like. But that is not all! The app also has some very effective filters that can beautify your pictures instantly.