Best Paid iPhone Apps Available For Free This Holiday Season

Every holiday season merchants and brands promote their products with various deals and discounts. It is rare to see the developers going the same way with their apps. Usually, the price of an app is slashed only when it is not selling. But, this holiday season it’s different. Not only will you find lots of premium, popular apps at the discounted price, many developers have decided to give their apps away for free.

Go ahead and explore the App Store. You will find some really exciting deals. And, I want to make things a tad easier for you. I scoured the store and stumbled upon some really useful, unique apps that are listed for free this season. It only made sense to catalog my discoveries for you. So, here is the list of top free apps on App Store.

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Please note that these are the limited period offers and may expire soon.

1.Time Manager

Time Manager, as the developers claim, is your Daily Time Tracker. This app lets you easily track all your routine activities. You can create new tasks, view them and even edit them whenever you like. The app also shows you the overview of all the tasks together in the form of graphs and reports. This helps you determine whether or not you are managing your time the way you should be. Time Manager also lets you email your reports so that you can save the archived data. This app has a good-looking, functional interface with visually appealing graphics. It is a great tool for the students and professionals alike. You can download this app on devices with iOS 8 and later. While Time Manager costs $0.99 on other days, this holiday you can get it for free.

2.UFO On Tape

Wish to see alien space shuttles hovering over the cityscape? Well, here is your chance. UFO on Tape is an iOS game that lets you catch the glimpse and take the snaps of the UFOs flying over the city. Please note that UFO on Tape is not an AR based game and hence you will not see the overlays on the real world. But, it features lifelike graphics and keeps you glued for hours. The game has been featured as one of the ‘Essentials’ on the App Store. It is a unique game that lets you chase or run away from the aliens. The game takes less than 50 MB on your device and is free for now (costs $0.99 without normally). You will need iOS 8.0 or later version.

3.Like So

Want to improve your speaking skills without having to hire a human speech coach? After all, the real speech coaches can cost you a fortune. Well, this holiday season you can have your personal, digital coach and that too for free. Like So app will be your personal coach and help you better your speech. It is a one of its kind app, which is priced at $0.99 otherwise. If you want to be more confident with your speech, I highly recommend this app. It will be a great help in improving your verbal habits. It will correct your pace, help you with fillers, better the sentence construction. It has a number of built-in games and tools to improve your overall verbal skills.

4.Speed PRO+

This is another incredible app I will recommend you to download, especially if you are a fitness enthusiast. The app uses GPS technology to count your steps, ascends and descends on the stair and tracks the vehicle movement. If you are out for a healthy walk and wish to monitor how far did you really go and how many steps you took, install Speed PRO+ today. Remember that once the promotion ends, this app will cost you $1.99. Speed Pro+ packs a number of cool features and is perfect for someone who wants to monitor their fitness activities against their goals. You will need iOS 9.0 or higher version to install this app. It works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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5.Meditation Studio

Our fast-paced lifestyle is fraught with anxiety, stress, depression, lack of sleep and whatnot. This is why we need something that can relieve us of our worries and offer peace and calm. Thanks to Mediation Studio app, you can now get rid of stress and anxiety and improve your sleep. As a result, you will feel more confident and focused in life. This app has mediation tools for your various needs. It also has tailor-made mediation modules for kids, mothers, teenagers and more. Meditation Studio has featured in a number of reputed entries including Forbes and TIME. While Forbes listed the app among the best apps of 2017 in the Fitness & Health category, TIME placed it with the top 50 apps of 2016. Any other time, Meditation Studio can cost you $3.99. But, this holiday season goes ahead and download it for free. You will need iOS 10.3 or later for this app.

6.Pizza Compass

If you love Pizza there is no reason why you will not love this app. At first, it might seem like a not-so-great idea. But, when you start using it you realize it is indeed a great tool to have to locate the best pizzas nearby. Let’s say you have just arrived at a location and need to find a pizza joint quickly. This app will show you all the nearby pizza joints and their distance from your current location. The app also shows you the restaurant ratings, hours, and customer reviews. The original price is $0.99 and as you already know it is free at this time. It works on all Apple devices with iOS 9 or later version. The latest version of the app (Pizza Compass 1.3) also has added support for the latest iPhone X.

7.Pic Instant Collage Live 360

Collage art is a great way to showcase your skills and express your feelings. While there are a few collage tools out there, not all can do the job as good as Pic Instant Collage Live 360. This tool also doubles as a photo editor and lets you create some stunning collages. You can use your personal photos, fonts, stickers and even text in your collage. The app is incredibly easy to use and you can have an amazing collage ready in just a few seconds. There are tons of options to customize the collage with frames, fonts, stickers, layouts and more. 7.  Go and grab Pic Instant Collage Live 360 for free or else it will cost you $1.99.


Blue is a simple, minimalistic, no-frills weather app for iOS devices. This app shows you the weather forecast for 7 days in gradients of different colors. It uses gradients of seven colors including Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Pink (in the same order) for the temperature spectrum. While the Purple end of the range represents ‘extremely cold’, Pink is for ‘extremely hot.’ Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red on the scale represent cold winter day, feeling cool, room temperature, feeling warm, and hot summer day respectively. The app is originally priced at $0.99 but you already know it is free for now. Go ahead and get it.

Best Paid iPhone Apps Available for Free

The apps we have listed above are offered for free by the developers and not Apple. Whether or not to continue the offer will be the sole discretion of the developer. This is why the closing date of the offer may vary for each app. There is a chance that by the time you read this article, the offer may have already expired on some or all apps. However, I hope that it lasts long enough so that you can grab this opportunity.

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