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Best Party Planning Apps For iOS & Android To Make Your Party An Instant Hit!

Hosting a party? Well, it certainly takes some doing and in spite of all the fun you may have during the party, the planning part of it could get frustrating. That’s where you wish you had a helping hand or two. Of course, you can seek assistance in friends and family, but hosting is just as much about management as it is about manual work.

The good news is there are some really good apps that can make things easier for you. Here is the list of some of the cool party planning apps you would like to try if you are planning a party or event.

Pro Party Planner

Pro Party Planner app is an iOS only app, and as the name suggests, it is a paid app. You can buy it from App Store for $4.99. Let the price not deter you for the app is worth every penny it takes from you. The app covers the party planning from beginning to the end. Whether you wish to create the guest list (or import it), set task reminders, allocate tasks to others, sync the plan across other party planners or hosts, or simply have a video call over FaceTime with the others, you can do it all. The Party Planner app also features a timeline which displays all your ‘to-dos’ to ensure that you are caught up with everything in the real time.

But, that is not it! The Party Planner app also comes packed with the augmented reality feature that helps you visualize the party setup and decor in the real time. For instance, if you are wondering how to arrange the chairs about the stage, you can have it previewed on your screen using AR module.

No doubt that this app is perfect for planning large parties or big events. However, it is just as useful for house parties or small gatherings.

Fête: Invitations & RSVP via Text

Sending the invites across to everyone you intend to see at the party is one of the most important parts of party planning. Well, it is one of the most tedious processes as well. Making the list of the invitees, writing the names and address, and posting the invitation cards; that’s a lot of work. Thanks to the technology, you no longer need to do that any longer. Fete makes it incredibly easy for you to send out the digital invitation to all the people who are in your list.

People are not always consistent with their email and social media behaviors. While some skip Facebook login for days, others don’t bother themselves with the incoming emails every day. This is why many online invites go unseen. But, Fete works differently. It sends the text messages to the invitees. It also features additional functionalities that are unique to this app. You can coordinate with the people vis-à-vis their location, date, time and other pertinent details.

The best thing about this app is that you don’t have to make your friends download the app on your phone in order to get the invitation. The interface of this app is pretty clean and you can view who has accepted the invitation and who is yet to sign up for it.


If you are planning a more organized party, such as a dinner party, where you have to take care of everything, you would want to use Pepperplate app. This app is not for those who are planning a potluck; however, it is perfect for more elaborate parties. The amazing thing about this app is that it helps you plan the menu.

This app is not for those who are planning a potluck; however, it is perfect for more elaborate parties. The amazing thing about this app is that it helps you plan the menu. It has a list of the variety of dishes from all over the world. But that is not it! In case you need to do all the cooking by yourself, it also has the recipes for you.

It shows the list of all the ingredients you would need for a particular dish so that you can have them together before you start cooking.


Punchbowl is another great app you would want to give a shot when you are planning to host a party. It takes care of a lot of arrangements with amazing ease. For instance, it sends out the digital invites to all the people you have added to your list.

In case you are planning to host the potluck, you can organize that too quite effectively with this app. Punchbowl lets you add the details on the number of food items, entrées, desserts, and appetizers required.

The invited guests will be able to take their pick from the list you have created. So, you know what all you are going to have in the party.

One of the biggest challenges with the potluck is that we end up with a number of duplicate food items. However, when you can see right on your screen, ‘who is bringing what’, you can avoid duplicate dishes at the party.

Party Mixer

Party is not just about inviting the guests and treating them with the most palatable dishes; the party is a lot about having fun too. And what makes the party a real fun? The music of course! As a host, you would want to keep your guests entertained with non-stop music. Party Mixer is the app that keeps the music playing without any interruptions.

The big problem with other music app is that you have to manage the playlist or songs manually. Some of them, like Spotify, also run the ads in between (which could be the big fun killer). But, with Party Mixer you don’t have to worry about any of it. It just keeps playing the music as long as you want it to.

Party Mixer features a number of cool options. You can cross-fade different music or play multiple songs together and create the mixes. You can also create a custom playlist for incredible music experience at the party. Once you have set the app up, you can start the AutoDJ mode and leave the rest to Party Mixer.

Hello Vino

If you are planning a more formal dinner party, you may want to serve wine instead of cocktails. If you are not sure how to go about it, Hello Vino app will come to your rescue. The app helps you choose the best wine suited for the type of party you are hosting and the food items you plan to serve.

Just let the app know the dishes for the party and it will suggest the wines that will go best with them. The wine recommendations are almost always accurate. So, you don’t have to worry about serving the wrong wine with the right food.

The app can also scan the bottle of wine for you and display information about it. Isn’t that cool? You can certainly impress your guests with the wine selection. Also, you can focus more on dinner, which is your forte, instead of spending time on finding the right wine.


Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, no party is complete fun without the awesome beverages to drink. If you want to make sure that you have the best beverages that complement the theme of your party, download the Mixologist app.

The app features thousands of recipes for cocktails and mocktails from all around the globe. With so much to choose from, you will certainly find something that goes with the style of party you are hosting.

Finding the right recipe is pretty easy. You can search by the liquor type or name of the alcohol. You can also filter by the ingredients or name of the drink. If you have invited the underage crowd, you can pick the non-alcoholic drinks as well. But, that is not all! The app also features a slot machine which automatically chooses the drink for you.


We all feel thankful to the guests who come all the way to our party and make it even more amazing. So, how do you express your gratitude? It may not be possible to waylay every guest who is leaving the party as they all do at different times.

But, what you can do is send out the thank you notes to all your guests when the party is over. This you can do with the Punkpost application. Sending the thank you cards across is not only easy but also great fun with this app. What’s more awesome is that your thank you note doesn’t have to be generic and boring. You can send the handwritten cards to your guests.

Using the app is pretty easy. Start the app and choose the card that you would like to send. Now, type the message you want your guests to see.

Punkpost will take care of everything else. Your typed note will get converted into a handwritten message. This adds the personal feel to every thank you note you send to your guests and it definitely looks more sincere.