The Best WiFi Range Extender 2017

Internet service providers usually offer basic routers while setting up the wireless internet connection in your house or office. These routers have a very limited coverage that does not extend to every corner of the premises. In order to boost the signal strength, you need a best Wi-Fi range extender 2017. There are many Wi-Fi extenders out there and making a choice could be difficult. This is why we have compiled a list of the best extenders you would want to consider in 2017. Take a look!


Whether you are looking to boost the wireless signals at home or in the office, NetGear AC750 could be the right choice for you. Dubbed as one of the best mid-range extenders, AC750 features a wall-mount design that lets you plug it directly into the power socket without any wires. It gives you strong wireless signals with a fuss-free look.  This extender supports maximum Wi-Fi bandwidth of 750 Mbps, making it compatible with the majority of the internet service providers.

This advanced wireless extender uses cross band and beam forming technology to boost the signal strength. AC750 works well even when there is no clear line of sight and can penetrate the obstructions such as a concrete wall. Setting up Netgear AC750 is incredibly easy. The dual antennas ensure wider wireless range. Devices with no Wi-Fi can be connected to the extender using Ethernet.

Motoraux Wireless-N

This dual antenna Wi-Fi range extender is a top-grade product that can boost the wireless signal strength remarkably. Wireless-N works well with the routes with the frequency specification of 2.4 GHz. The dual antennas are also capable of relaying the wireless signal to a larger distance as compared to the extenders with a single antenna.

This extender is also extremely easy to install and configure with your wireless network. The wall-plugging design removes power cables and makes it clutter-free and even easier to use. You can plug the device in the power sockets with 110-230 AC volts range.  It means it can work with pretty much all types of office or home electric supply. The body of the Wireless-N has been designed using the superior quality materials. This is why Wireless-N is a very durable wireless extender.

TP-Link N300 (TL-WA855RE)

N300 is one of the best extenders out there. It is compatible with a wide range of routers and can boost the signal quality by up to 300 Mbps. The enhanced range allows you to connect multiple devices to the same wireless network. Depending upon your ISP connection, you can enjoy video streaming and online gaming without any delays or glitches.

The Access Point technology helps you extend the Wi-Fi range with the push of the button.  N300 is a perfect solution for home wireless networking. However, you can also set it up for enhanced Wi-Fi performance in a small to medium sized office.


Designed using the most advanced technology this extender can boost your Wi-Fi signal quality and strength dramatically. N300 is extremely easy to set up and works well with just about all types of wireless systems. The exteriors of this extender have been designed using top quality materials making the device very durable. N300 works fine even when there are obstructions such as concrete wall and home fixtures and furniture items.

The dual antennas make sure that the signal quality remains strong at all times. Whether you need to extend the Wi-Fi range at the workplace or make the same Wi-Fi connection available to others in a multi-storeyed building, you can use N300 confidently. In case you happen to have a device that requires wired internet connection, this best wireless range extender also offers Ethernet connectivity. This is the one of the best plug in wifi extender available on amazon.

D-Link AC1200

It is one of the more affordable yet very handy best Wi-Fi extenders you can find. Created using the advanced wireless technology, this device is perfect for residence and small offices.  AC1200 is capable of boosting the speed by up to 860 Mbps for downloads.

This extender is small in size and can be plugged to the power source easily. It also features a QRS app which helps you install the extender easily and configure it with your wireless network. In case you need the wired internet connection, AC1200 has four Ethernet ports too.

AC1200 EX6150 from NetGear

Featuring the dual band extender, AC1200 from NetGear is capable of extending the Wi-Fi signals by more than 1000 Mbps depending upon your internet connection. This extender supports IEEE 802.11ac and is also compatible with the B/G/N 33 wireless devices. This model offers a modern design with the adjustable antennas. The dual antennas boost the wireless signals and enhance the Wi-Fi performance.

Primarily used for residential purposes, this range extender is extremely easy to install and configure with your wireless system. You can play multiplayer games and stream multimedia content without any hassles. You can connect multiple devices, such as TV, game consoles, laptops, and smartphones simultaneously with the wireless network.

Netgear N600 Desktop Extender (WN2500RP)

This compact looking Wi-Fi range extender offers exceptional performance. Although it is primarily used with home wireless systems, it can work well in small offices too. This model from NetGear comes packed with 4 ports and is offers enhanced internet performance on all kinds of devices including smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs and more.

This best internet range extender uses the Fast-Lane technology to ensure hassle-free experience during video streaming or multiplayer game play. N600 has been designed using top-quality materials and hence is very durable too. This Wi-Fi device can be easily configured and set up with most of the wireless networks and internet service providers.


Nighthawk is a very powerful Wi-Fi repeater that can relay the signal within the ten thousand square feet area. This extender has been designed to support the Wi-Fi speed as high as 1900 Mbps. Featuring the power spec of 700 MW; Nighthawk can boost your Wi-Fi signals considerably. What’s most amazing is that it is a very affordable wireless device that does not upset your budget.

The compact design saves a great deal of space. This Wi-Fi rang extender can be used at workplace as well as your home. It features a powerful 1 GHz, dual core processor for optimized Wi-Fi performance. It also has multiple ports to connect all sorts of devices as well as gaming consoles.

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