Best 10 Workout Apps For Android And iOS Devices

Nothing is better than having a slim, sleek body which everyone loves. For some it comes naturally while some have to take up the hard way, i.e. they have to work out regularly to keep their body in shape.
If you are among those who prefer to work out and have an attractive body that to just lay over in bed and pile up calories, you might be in need of someone (or something) that you make your hard way, somewhat easy.

You don’t actually someone to help you with this because there are some super-awesome applications that perform this task better than anyone else. For instance there are plenty of best pedometer apps for Android available in the playstore.

Yes Yes!! I am talking about workout apps and not just workout apps, the best workout apps. The apps which I am going to list below are not confined to just one platform. Some of them will be for both Android and iOS while some only for the former or the latter.

What so ever the platform may be, the real fact of the matter is that these are actually very good and can help you a lot in your workout process.

What else? The apps listed below are going to help you in many things you do for bodybuilding such as running, push-ups, pull-ups, crunches or some other way of your workout.

Here Are The Best Workout Apps

Couch to 5k

Many times you would have made up your mind to start regular running, seriously. But that does not come out as well as we plan it to. What I mean is that despite lots of planning, most of the times, you are not able to start it.

If that is the case with you, couch to 5k is the next app that you need to download in your device. Couch to 5k will help you to plan out your running and workout campaigns and will help you to keep up to them.

The app is available for free for both the platform i.e. Android and iOS


Fitnet app is made for the busy people who are not able to take much time out of their schedule for running or workouts. This app figures you some cool 6 to 7-minute workout exercises for you that you can actually perform in your home to get your body into shape.

This app has a lot of benefits such as it helps you to save time in commuting to the gym. So, with this app, you need not spend hours in the gym. Keep the app installed and do your routine workout whenever you feel like.

Free versions are available for both Android and iOS which can be improved by some optional in-app purchases. This app is also considered to be one of the best workout apps for Android and iOS.


If you are looking for some serious workout or body building, then sworkit is something that you cannot afford to miss out.

With Sworkit, you can specify the type of workout that you need to do for example yoga, stretching or cardio. You can also specify the timings of workout which are suitable for you and the rest work will be done by the Sworkit app.

App is available for free but the premium version makes it better. If you opt for the premium version, you can even specify the body areas where you think you need to work on and Sworkit will get more personalized workouts for you.

Available for both iOS and Android

Motion Traxx

Listening to music while working out increase productivity and keeps you interested in what you are doing. If you too feel the same and think that listening to music can help you to perform better, then you would certainly be doing it.

But, not all songs can help you to increase productivity or in other words, not all songs are motivating. People usually have a hard time finding the perfect playlist for their workout needs. But that is not the case with Motion Traxx.

This app can help you to find the best music recommended by trainers from all over the world. The music recommendations usually suit your areas of interest and also match with the type of workout that you are doing. In such circumstances, motion traxx turns out to be a dominating player in the best workout apps market.

Motion Traxx is available for free on both Google Play Store and the iTunes store for Android and iOS platform respectively.

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Strong lifts 5X5

Lifting up great loads isn’t as difficult as it is to keep a track of it. If you do not like wasting your time keeping a note of how much you have lifted, you would be in need to a personal assistant to do this for you.

But hiring a personal assistant isn’t as cost-effective as it is to manage an application for the same. Strong lifts 5X5 helps you to keep track of your workout activities.

So all you have to worry about is to make it to the gyms and start working out to get yourselves stronger. Pretty awesome, no?

Like every other app discussed above, Strong Lifts 5X5 is also available for free with option in-app purchases. Strong lifts app is available for both the platforms i.e. Android and iOS

Strava Running and Cycling

Pretty much self-explanatory from the name itself that this app is for all the hardcore runners and cyclists. This application offers you to keep track of the distance you ran or cycled your speed and help you to keep up with that.

Other great features of this awesome app include that it also helps you to keep track of your heart rate, calories burnt, elevation, power, and cadence. All the data is then shown to you in an easy to understand format.

All I would like to say is that, give this app a try and you would love it for sure.

Strava Running and Cycling also comes for both platforms i.e.  Android and iOS. It is free but more features can be added by paying some nominal amount.

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga app is made especially for the Yoga enthusiasts. When you download the app, you get instant access to various videos that you teach you lot of different yoga styles or poses.

All the videos that are contained in the app come in High Definition format and are so awesome that you will never again find it difficult to practice Yoga. This app also has the potential to turn you to a yoga-lover from the person who earlier used to get bored from Yoga.

You get an entire library to videos that teach you yoga from the very basics to an advanced level.

App is available free of cost for Android and iOS operating systems and has in-app purchases too.

Nike+ Training Club

Now, this is the app which I would say a really top-class fitness training app. The cult-classic features of the Nike+ Training Club app include various training videos and tips, tracking features, personalized fitness programs etc.

The training videos that you will see in the app are made by professional athletes and trainers so there is no compromise in quality when it comes to training from the Nike+ Training Club app.

Nike+ Training Club app is available free of cost in the Google Play Store for android devices and the iTunes store for iOS based devices.


Freeletics Bodyweight is the most effective fitness training program, adapted to your schedule, your fitness level and your goals, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or simply get in better shape.

This app contains a whole lot of fitness related videos which aren’t very long. You can find around 1000 high-quality videos in Freeletics app. What I actually like about this app is that these workouts are not place oriented. You can perform those workout activities anywhere, literally anywhere.

No matter where you are, you can follow the training videos and get stronger.

Freeletics is another free app that can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices from their respective app stores.


Endomondo is an app that is basically made for Cardio exercises but its great features aren’t limited to the Cardio field alone.

Now, what is very great about Endomondo is that you can set goals for yourselves and Endomondo will help you to complete them. The goals can be anything such as- 30 minutes of running or 1 hour walking or anything of that sort.

You can also use Endomondo to challenge your friends for a face-off and can compete with them.

In a nutshell, Endomondo is your virtual fitness trainer.

Endomondo app is available for free for Android and iOS devices both.

Wrapping it up

Health and strength do not come very easily. You certainly have to strive for it, I mean workout for it. Once you start putting efforts, you will start seeing the results too.

This was the complete list of 10 best high-quality fitness apps. The apps mentioned above are available both for Android and iOS devices and all are available free of cost. Though some apps may require you to pay some money for extra features, you are not required to pay money to download them.

All the best workout apps given above are famous for different-different activities such as running, cycling, bodybuilding, etc etc but the basically, all of them are fitness apps that can help you to stay fit.

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Stay fit! Stay healthy

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