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The Best Bluetooth Adapters For PC You Can Purchase in 2017

April 24, 2017

No one likes to detangle the chaotic, intertwined mess created by the cables. This is why the world is going the wireless way. Most modern laptops and branded computers offer built-in Bluetooth capability. However, there are plenty of computers that need to use Bluetooth wireless connectivity but are not Bluetooth-enabled. This is where the Bluetooth […]

Kindle for PC: Features, Download Guide And Much More!

April 20, 2017

You don’t have to buy and own a Kindle device to read and manage your eBooks. Amazon offers a PC version of Kindle that lets you browse through the vast collection of eBooks in the Kindle store and buy them so that you can read them right on your computer. Kindle for PC is a […]

How To Use a PlayStation 3 Controller in Windows 10

March 23, 2017

Even if you own a PS3, you would still want to play some of the Windows exclusive games. Playing the game with keyboard and mouse could be pretty tiring, especially if you are used to PS3 controller. Buying an expensive controller to play one or two games may not make much sense here. What if […]

How To Delete Multiple Contacts From iPhone All At Once

December 13, 2016

Every year we see a new iPhone flagship getting released with more features, functionalities, and apparently a heavier price tag. iPhones have evolved over the years, and somewhat dramatically. However, what hasn’t changed much, other than the appearance, is the Contacts App. No new significantly useful functionalities have been added to this app over the […]

How To Customize And Use Touch Bar In The New MacBook Pro 2017

December 13, 2016

Last updated January 13th, 2017Apple’s latest MacBook Pro 2017 features a dynamic, intuitive, and very stylish touch bar that’s been laid right above the keyboard. The touch bar is capable of performing a variety of functions for various applications. What’s even awesome is that the Touch Bar is very customizable.  Touch Bar comes pretty handy, especially […]

Top 10 AirPods Alternatives For The iPhone 7 Owners

December 9, 2016

Some of us love to listen to music for hours. Those who use their smartphones to listen to music have to keep their device plugged into power to avoid battery drainage. But, that’s not something you can do with your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus anymore. As you may already know, Apple has removed […]

Top 10 Best iPhone 7 Accessories You Can’t Afford To Miss!

September 16, 2016

Here is the list of the 10 best iPhone 7 accessories you can be the proud owner of. Planning to buy the latest iPhone 7? The flagship of Apple Inc, it sure is an awesome phone. Besides the upgrade on the existing features present in the predecessors, the iPhone 7 comes packed with a wealth […]

Meizu MX5 Review-Checkout Features, Specification and Price

December 2, 2015

Last updated February 3rd, 2016Meizu, a Chinese electronics innovator, may not have gained such a voluminous global traction as its parallel ‘Xiaomi’ has, but it doesn’t make it any dwarfer than the latter. We are no stranger to the paramountcy of ‘Xiaomi’ in any sense, however, the success of Meizu doesn’t go unnoticed, which bags […]

Top 4G Smartphones Money can Buy

October 21, 2015

Last updated February 3rd, 2016Nowadays, it’s very difficult for a smartphone consumer to make a choice. With the number of new companies offering smartphones it becomes extremely tedious for a consumer to take a call (literally). All phones available in this day and age are trying to outdo each other in terms of hardware and […]

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