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December 31, 2017

Last updated January 16th, 2018 After peaking at just shy of $20,000 mark to crashing down to less than $15,000 in a span of just ten days, BitCoin has reinforced many experts’ and investors’ belief that it is possibly a bubble waiting to burst. And yet, many are still looking at the flip side of […]

Best Paid iPhone Apps Available For Free This Holiday Season

December 31, 2017

Every holiday season merchants and brands promote their products with various deals and discounts. It is rare to see the developers going the same way with their apps. Usually, the price of an app is slashed only when it is not selling. But, this holiday season it’s different. Not only will you find lots of […]

Fameelee Family Locator: An Incredible Way to Track Your Loved Ones

December 25, 2017

“There are certain people in your life whose whereabouts you would always want to be updated with. For instance, if you have a teenage kid you would like to keep a track on their movements to make sure they don’t end up at the place where they don’t belong. Or, if someone you love has […]

Enhance Your Face ID Experience With These Cool Hacks And Tricks

December 24, 2017

In order to accommodate a larger screen and introduce a more stylish, bezel-less design, Apple dropped the iconic Home button from its latest flagship iPhone X. But, that’s not the only change it made. In an attempt to fix what was not even broken, the company replaced the extremely popular Touch ID technology with Face […]


December 23, 2017

Apple announced its new line of iMac computers at the Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference earlier this year in June called iMac Pro. They will be available for sale from December 14, 2017. As the company claims, the iMac Pro will be the most powerful iMac computers ever to be designed. These new all-in-one computers […]

AOL Instant Messenger Shuts Down, Lets See Some of its Top Alternatives

December 18, 2017

AIM was one of the first instant messaging services and became incredibly popular soon after its introduction. The service remained in existence for nearly two decades, a feat no other IM service has yet achieved. However, with new and more advanced IM services coming in, AIM’s popularity faded rapidly. The fast thinning out user base […]

FaceTime for iPad: A Quick Guide and Some Interesting Tips and Tricks

December 18, 2017

iPad is not a phone and yet you can make voice calls over the internet. What’s more amazing is that you can also make video calls through iPad. While there are many apps you can use for video calling, FaceTime remains as the most popular one. The best thing about FaceTime on iPad is that […]

Garageband Complete Guide for the Beginners

December 13, 2017

GarageBand is a free music production tool that lets you create digital music and share it with the world. This free app comes bundled with Mac computers and iOS devices. Even though this tool is designed for the beginners it still packs some really powerful tools. This is why it may get all too overwhelming […]

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