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Can You Run Garageband Online? Here’s The Answer

November 14, 2017

Getting Garageband seems to be the prime concern of the contemporary musician. People with iOS devices or Macs can easily get it, and for free too. However, there are others who don’t use Apple devices or spend most of their days on non-Apple devices which can necessitate having the app available for their particular device, […]

A Short Guide on How to Get Garageband Free

November 14, 2017

Everyone acknowledges that Garageband is amazing. But not a lot of people want to pay for it, evidently. While it is part of a sad trend that is not limited to technology, it can still help to know the reality of the many websites and blogs offering Garageband for free. In this post, I answer […]

This is How You Can Deregister iMessage and Facetime

November 11, 2017

iMessage and FaceTime are Apple’s proprietary brands. While iMessage is an instant messaging service, a typical SMS-like carrier between the iDevices, FaceTime is Apple’s very own video chatting label. And, that’s not to say that both of the services are well-supported and very intuitive. Though these have been really brilliant at what they do, there’s […]

Want To Get iPhone X Look On Your Android Device?- Here’s The Answer!

October 30, 2017

When iPhone X was announced, it got everyone talking about how it will do away with the Home Button and introduce a notch on the top of the display. This latest flagship also sports a bezel-less design, unheard of in other iPhones. But, it’s the notch that has piqued many interests across the world. The […]

Best ARKit Apps For iPhone You Cannot Afford To Miss

October 29, 2017

Augmented Reality is evolving rapidly and it is only a matter of time before it becomes mainstream. Among the smartphone and smart handheld device manufacturers, Apple has been the biggest endorser of this technology. This is quite evident from how it has been trying to introduce AR to its devices and working hard for it […]

iOS 11 Low Battery Issue – Here’s A Quick Fix To This Problem!

October 9, 2017

Apple’s iOS 11 release in September was exciting. We were all looking forward to it in great anticipation. After all, the company had made the update look like a very rewarding experience. There is no denying that iOS 11 brings some exciting features. But, nothing seems to stand in comparison to the effect it has […]

Top 5 Apple iPhone X Alternatives You Should Look Upto in 2017-18

October 2, 2017

Unlike previous years, Apple announced three flagship devices this year, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. Of these three iPhones, X happened to create the biggest ripples; and why not? It is the first iPhone to offer an all-screen, bezel-less design. It has a bigger display than any other iPhones the company has […]

Missing Solarmovie? Here is The List Of Top 10 Sites Like

October 1, 2017 was a free movie streaming site that aggregated content from a wide range of sources. This site made movie watching easy for the users. But, owing to copyright issues and other legal hassles, the site owners had to shut shops. SolarMovie worked like a search engine for movies. It was the platform which gave […]

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