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Welcome To The Boom: China’s Mobile Gaming Surge

The mobile gaming industry continues to thrive and whilst the western world still just about clings on to console gaming as its number one gaming solution it could very well soon see mobile gaming revenue surpass what its console-based counterparts can actually generate. But once you pull Asia in to these figures you soon see a much more interesting global development. In 2015 the mobile gaming industry is set to top around $30 billion whilst the global console industry will just about reach $26.5 billion.


China is just one of the biggest countries to make a significant difference to these figures and it’s already a nation that owns more than a billion mobile-based devices that are gaming compatible. In fact research has shown that 1.28 billion of these smartphone, tablet and mobile devices have gaming apps running on them. That’s an increase of 520 million from just the previous year alone. The crux of it is that China’s digital games market has grown 5 times bigger than that of the rest of Asia’s growth in 2015.

China recently went through a major infrastructure overhaul with regards to its internet capabilities which saw a 50% increase in bandwidth, with packet loss reduced by 60% and overall lowered costs of 30%. This has had a major impact on how the country accesses the internet and the smartphone and other mobile devices have been the perfect way in which to do so.

Mobile Gaming Surge

The PC market in China has always been the biggest gaming revenue source in the country and even that accolade seems like it may be lost to the smartphone revolution as more and more users turn to mobile-based gaming experiences for both price and convenience. Take games such as the Royal Vegas in Canada or other casino related games and you can see just how far small screen gaming has come. Of course the fact that more than a billion people in China already own a mobile device it’s like having a pre-built audience primed for the gaming industry to target.

Convincing more people to head out a purchase a PC or a console is a much more difficult task to achieve than getting them to pick up the latest smartphone. It’s a device that already has a number of other useful features to attract customers aside from just its game playing attributes. And as they evolve then so does the gaming experience and the quality of games available to download and play.