Enhance Your Face ID Experience With These Cool Hacks And Tricks

In order to accommodate a larger screen and introduce a more stylish, bezel-less design, Apple dropped the iconic Home button from its latest flagship iPhone X. But, that’s not the only change it made. In an attempt to fix what was not even broken, the company replaced the extremely popular Touch ID technology with Face ID. Even though many are still trying to wrap their head around this new feature, we cannot deny that facial recognition to unlock the phone sounds pretty cool. And, ‘Unlock’ is not all you can do with your face; there is more to Face ID.

Apple started shipping iPhone X less than two months ago and so Face ID is a fairly new technology for everyone. As the device owner, you would like to take advantage of everything that Face ID has to offer. You will also want to make sure that your experience with this new technology is more desirable. Face ID is far from being perfect. In fact, sometimes it even appears flawed. But, fortunately, I stumbled upon some of its lesser known features that made my life a bit easier and convenient. It will be remiss of me to not share my discoveries with you. So, here is the list of some cool Face ID hacks and tricks you can use.

Attention Aware Features: Turn ON or OFF

iPhone X is a pretty smartphone and Face ID makes it even smarter as it packs some cool features such as ‘Attention Aware.’ Even if you own this iPhone there is a chance you may not have yet run into it. The Face ID camera (called TrueDepth) gauges your attention to take certain actions like dimming the device display or lowering the alert volume. For instance, when the wake-up alarm goes off in the morning it makes loud enough sound to wake you up. But, when you actually wake up and look at the device, Attention Aware will lower the alarm volume automatically. Cool, right? You can enable or disable this feature very easily. All you have to do is navigate to Settings >> Face ID & Passcode >> Attention Aware Features and turn it ON or OFF.

Enhance Face ID Speed

iPhone X dropped Touch ID to use its latest Face ID technology. But, users who have migrated from a Touch ID iPhone to iPhone X find Face ID comparatively slower. In fact, it could be more than a second slower than the Touch ID. One second does not sound like too big a deal but those who are accustomed to the quick response time of Touch ID may find it quite annoying. Thankfully, there is a way to improve the Face ID response time a bit. For this, you will need to disable the feature ‘Require Attention for Face ID’. Navigate to Settings >> Face ID & Passcode and move the toggle next to ‘Require Attention for Face ID’ to left. This will turn it OFF.

Do remember that by disabling this feature, you will also be disabling an advanced security feature offered by iPhone X. When ‘Require Attention for Face ID’ is turned ON, your phone will only unlock when you are looking at it. Without it, anyone can bring the phone to your face and get it unlocked even if you are not paying attention. If you are okay with it, you can have faster Face ID recognition.

Notification Previews When the Device is Locked

The Notifications settings in iPhone allow you to have the notifications previewed only when the device has been unlocked. Apple has brought the same feature to iPhone X but with Face ID it works a little differently.

To understand this, we will have to first understand how it works on the Touch ID devices. First of all, navigate to Settings >> Notifications >> Show Previews. Here, check/select ‘When Unlocked.’ Now, every time you wish to read the new notifications, you will need to unlock the device and bring down the notification center by swiping down from the top. But, this features look cooler with iPhone X that uses Face ID.

If you have enabled ‘When Unlocked’ on iPhone X, the lock screen will show which apps have new notifications. The preview of the notification, however, will remain hidden. In order to see the preview, all you will have to do is look at the device. The moment you do that the notification previews will pop up on the lock screen itself. This is definitely quicker and more convenient. And, there is no compromise with the security as well.

Swipe Up to the Home Screen Before You See ‘Unlocked’

When you face your locked iPhone X it turns on and initiates the Face ID recognition process. You have to wait for about a second before the device is actually unlocked. As I said earlier, this delay annoys some users. But, there is one more way to speed up the unlocking process. The moment the device display turns on when you look at the phone immediately swipe up without waiting for the ‘padlock’ icon to appear on the screen. As soon as Face ID recognition is complete and your phone is unlocked, you will be taken to the Home Screen straightaway. This way unlocking iPhone X is faster as compared to waiting for the lock icon.

Restrict Apps from Using Face ID

Apple allows certain third-party apps to use your Face ID data. The developers of these apps use the information to improve their products and services that utilize Face ID. However, if you do not want certain apps to have access to this data, there is a way to restrict Face ID usage. Here is how you can do that:

Open Settings from the home screen on iPhone X and navigate to Face ID & Passcode >> Other Apps

You will see the list of the apps that have the permission to use Face ID. Move the toggle next to the app to the left for which you wish to disable Face ID.

Authorize Payments with Face ID

What if you didn’t have to lift a finger (literally) to authorize payments and purchase apps on your iPhone? Well, there is a way using Face ID. It is completely safe to use Face ID to make the payments through Apple Pay and App Store. In other iPhones, you need to type in your Apple ID and password every time you need to make a purchase. If you have iPhone X all you got to do is look at the device and the transaction will be automatically authorized.

You will need to enable this feature first; by default it is disabled. Simply open Settings app and go to Face ID & Passcode. Here, you need to enable ‘iTunes & App Store’ option by moving the toggle next to it to right.

Hold iPhone X 15 to 20 Inches From Your Face

If you are constantly having difficulty unlocking iPhone X using Face ID, there is a chance you are holding the device too close or too far from the face. Keep it anywhere between 15 and 20 inches away from the face and make sure the screen is at right angle to your line of sight. You can try different distances and see which one works best for you. Move the phone forward or backward until the right distance for your face is established.

Reset the Face ID

You can reset the Face ID and set it fresh. But, why would you need to do so? I have a couple of reasons. Let’s say you don’t want to use iPhone X any longer and are giving it away to a friend or family. If you have set your Face ID the other person will not be able to unlock it. So, you will have reset your Face ID and set their Face ID.

The other reason is poor Face ID recognition. This usually happens when you have just booted up the out of the box iPhone X and set your Face ID for the first time. If the device is struggling to unlock it is best to reset the Face ID. Here is how you can do that:

Open Settings and go to Face ID & Passcode. Tap ‘Reset Face ID’ (in red font). Your device will scan your face (or a new face) all over again.


Face ID is a new technology presently limited to iPhone X. Whether or not this technology will prove to be revolutionary only time will tell. For now, by and large, Face ID seems to offer a bittersweet experience. Sometimes it is flawed, other times it is super cool. With this article, I intend to share some of my discoveries that made Face ID a better experience for me. I hope you find these cool, new features as useful as I did.

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