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FaceTime for iPad: A Quick Guide and Some Interesting Tips and Tricks

iPad is not a phone and yet you can make voice calls over the internet. What’s more amazing is that you can also make video calls through iPad. While there are many apps you can use for video calling, FaceTime remains as the most popular one. The best thing about FaceTime on iPad is that it does not require any special set up. It comes preinstalled on almost all the Apple devices. FaceTime uses your Apple ID to make and receive the video calls. This also means you have no need to register and create an account for it. You can’t say that for other apps like WhatsApp and Messenger.

FaceTime is also available on all the popular Apple devices including Mac and iPhone. So, if your friend or family member happens to have any of the devices, you can connect with them through video calls. The only drawback is that FaceTime is designed only for the Apple devices and hence does not offer cross-platform compatibility like the other popular apps. Nevertheless, there are plenty of Apple users out there and FaceTime is their go-to app for video calling needs. In this article, we learn more about using FaceTime on iPad.

How to Make a FaceTime Call on iPad

Making a FaceTime video call is incredibly easy. Even a layman with no technical knowledge can do that without any hassles. Here are the detailed steps:

1.The first thing you need to do is run FaceTime app on your iPad device. The app will start with the front camera on. The large part of your iPad screen will be covered by the feed from your camera. You will see some buttons on the camera feed. On the left, you can see the list of the calls recently made using FaceTime. If you are using this app for the first time, the list will not appear.

2.To initiate the call you need to enter the email address of the recipient of the call. On the left panel, you need to enter the contact details where it says ‘Enter name, email or number.’ If the person you are calling is already added to your contact list, just type in their name. If they are not in your contacts, you can enter an email address or phone number. Again, the email address or phone number you are calling must be attached to an Apple ID and must be active on an Apple device.

3.When you enter the details in the field, you will see a video camera button and a handset button next to the contact. If the contact doesn’t have FaceTime, video button will be disabled. If the button is enabled, simply tap it and start the FaceTime video call. It is as simple as that.

Note: Your iPad must be connected to the internet to make FaceTime calls. You can use mobile network data but Wi-Fi is always recommended for better video and call quality.

Some Important FaceTime Facts and Tips

While that is pretty much all you need to know to make FaceTime calls, we have some facts and tips that will make sure you have a better calling experience. Here is what we have:

  • There is a + (plus) icon on the top left right above the field where you type the contact name, email address or number. Tapping this icon brings up the contact list. So, instead of typing and looking up for a contact, you can scroll through that list.
  • As you saw, you can make the FaceTime call to someone using their email address. But, that has to be the same email address with which they signed up for the Apple ID. Also, they need to enable call receiving to the email address in order to receive FaceTime calls.
  • If you want to switch from video to voice-only call, you can tap the ‘Audio’ tab during the call.
  • If you do not wish to keep some contacts in the recent call logs, you can easily delete the FaceTime call history for them. You just need to press the ‘Edit’ button on the upper left corner. Deleting the call history for contacts does not delete the contacts from your iPad address book.

Use FaceTime Across Devices With Same Apple ID

If you are signed into multiple Apple devices with the same Apple ID, by default all of them will ring at the same time when you receive the FaceTime call to the email address tied to that Apple ID (provided they all are switched on and connected to the Internet). This also means that you cannot make FaceTime call from one device to another using the same Apple ID. This is because, by default, all the devices signed in with the Apple ID use the same email address until you add an additional email address.

Thankfully, there is a workaround that lets you make FaceTime calls across devices signed in with the same Apple ID. As already mentioned, you need to attach an additional, unique email address to each device.

Go to Settings >> FaceTime

Here you can see your primary email address. Now tap ‘Add Another Email’ and enter an email address different from the primary one. This will be your secondary email address for this particular iPad (or whichever iOS device you are using).

Once the secondary address is added, make sure you check it in order to receive FaceTime calls on it. Also, uncheck the primary address to stop receiving calls on it.

You can add a secondary email address to other devices as well. Just make sure each device has a unique secondary address.

Now you will only receive the FaceTime calls made to your secondary address. Calls to primary address will be routed only to those devices on which it is checked.

This also means you can make FaceTime Calls from one device to another using the same Apple ID. The other device will simply need to make sure that the call is made to your secondary address you just added.

Note: If you do not wish to receive FaceTime calls on your iPad made to your phone number, you can uncheck the phone number here.


FaceTime is a popular video calling application exclusive to Apple devices. With this article, I aim to offer you insight into some important facts about FaceTime for iPad, which many users aren’t aware of. I hope you found this piece of text helpful and enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.