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How To Use Free Garageband Loops

GarageBand changes your iPhone, iPad ad iPod touch into a well-organized collection of touch instruments and an incredible recording studio. Now you can create your own music as and when you want, whether you’re traveling, in a professional recording studio, or in your bed; GarageBand will allow you to be a proud owner of your own creation.

garageband pc

Now with Live loops, GarageBand has made it easy for people to design their own music like a DJ, music producer, instrument player, and in fact, a great singer. GarageBand incorporates all professional instruments which play like their counterparts, but let you do things that a real instrument would never let you do. In our previous post on Garageband for PC, we have already let you know many of the available features of the Garageband app, in this post we are going discuss something else.

GarageBand users can use a touch instrument, a built-in microphone, their voice, external instruments, record the tune and share it with people across the globe. While going through my blog, I could notice few questions regarding Live loops and how to use them. Perhaps, today we’re going to talk about GarageBand Loops and how to incorporate them in your piece of work.

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What are Loopmasters?

Loopmasters officially was released in 2003 with a goal of producing amenable libraries of samples for musicians and producers who need quality playing from seasoned professional to improve and inspire their piece of work. Here, let us discuss in detail how to use free Garageband loops.

How to use it?

So after an entire description of Garageband and Loopmasters, we’re going to talk about the downloading procedure of loops from Loopmasters. With a username and password, you can download 1GB free loops from a thousand of sample packs available in Loopmasters.

Step 1 – Visit the Loopmasters official website. It provides you with hundreds of musical packs, from which you can download 10 free sample loops.

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Step 2 – So let’s get started, click on Sign up from the top corner. The website will redirect you to the registration page.

Step 3 – Loopmasters doesn’t ask for a lot of information, you simply need to create a username, password and enter your official email id. Agree to all their terms and conditions, after reading them, of course. And click on “Create Account”.

Step 4 – Now click on the confirmation link that the Loopmasters have just sent to your email address. As soon as you do that, it will redirect you to its official page which will look like this:

garageband for pc

Step 5 – Now you can download free samples from the sidebar of every pack you open. Let it download and wait for a few seconds.

Step 6 – Once it is downloaded, unzip the file, save the file on your desktop and open the folder on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. You can see an organized folder of sample loops downloaded on your desktop.

garageband for windows

Step 7 – Now like you mix any other loop or music with your creation, just drag the desired loop from the folder to your GarageBand application, and that’s it!

And Finally,

You have just learned how to use free Garageband loops and also how to download free loops on your computer and enjoy mixing it with your exceptional creation. The only restriction created by Loopmasters is to stop people from selling original, individual loops commercially. However, users can include them in their piece of work and share it with people, on a personal level or commercial.