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Free MP3 Download Sites And Music Apps for Android

Only a compulsive music listener can understand how a snatch of music can swing your soul, and hoist you to whole new level of self-discovery. A good music works like a panacea to humans; once it starts dribbling into your ears, your haggard bod receives a big spur, making you totally buzzed with energizing thoughts. A good music is a sort of panacea to the humans; an amazing symphony of lyrical notes and mellowing voices, which keeps your emotions elevated, heals the sorrows, recreates reasons to smile about, and zests up your life. Indeed, music is food for the soul. Today we present you the “free mp3 download sites” along with the apps to download songs. This list contains the best ios app for downloading mp3 songs and best android apps for downloading mp3.

Technology was an ease of yesterday, but an exigency of today. And, what buttressed its indispensability to the human kind is its synthesis with the mobile devices. It’s a treat to see how audience, as their wont, utilizes high-tech, user-oriented smartphones to get launched into the internet and look for myriad information. Besides this, the advent of mobile applications proved to be a tide-turner. Overnight, they became a huge success, and their knock-on effect changed the way we used mobiles. Today, there is no dearth of mobile apps, irrespective of the domains, needs and preferences. To better elucidate the entire picture, it would not be wrong to say that there is hundreds of mobile apps for one single need, and there must be many, either in the making, or on the drawing board. In the light of the same statement, a plethora of music applications are available for free downloads, which can be termed as a wide gateway to some brilliant music. And, as far as Android users are concerned, they are immensely benefited.

Here, we have rounded up 10 free mp3 download sites which would not let the groovy ‘YOU’ die in death.

Free mp3 download sites

  • Blur Music

Talk about chartbusters, and Blur has it all. This music application will spirit up your days by giving you unrestrained access to a mélange of music. Blur has seamlessly risen to the top, thanks to its user-friendly, simplified interface with a multitudinous menu. The application has made its success certain by minimizing permissions and authority processes. Blur has been touted as the Fastest MP3 solution, which is bound to stun you.







  AppAndroid Version, iOS Version

 The only reason which makes Sound Cloud worth an experience is its streamlined, finely-  categorized music menu, where users can seek their favorites with no nuisance. Launch yourself to this app, and you will witness several musical genres – rock, house, hip hop and jazz – to name a few. With Sound Cloud at your disposal, you will be able to scour a number of tracks and select them in the most direct way. What has been the talking point of Sound Cloud is the access it provides, even when phone’s screen is locked. You can play, pause and skip tracks while your screen is locked.

MP3 Skull

Download App

Chrome ToolBar

MP3 Skull fills you with melodies to the brim by offering access to MP3 sites of the MP3 search engines. This is definitely a strong reason to ditch others for this music application, which is one of a remarkable kind. Downloading music has been made easy with MP3 Skull by developing a clear and comprehensible platform. This music application allows users to set any song as their ringtone.



  • GTunes


GTunes is a new, refreshed and sassy version of old ‘GTunes Music Download’. The upgraded version is faster and better, which is set to contribute marvelously to build a killer playlist. The commendable part is that the users aren’t required to shell out anything for using the application. It’s absolutely free, a key factor that makes users go to town on its key operational and administration features. GTunes is an amazing platform, where users can’t just listen to their favorites, but save them directly to their android device.







App – Android and iOS

Rhapsody is a spectacle when it comes to streaming the music from the internet. This music application is an exceptional one, for it is surfeited with songs of all genres, and laden with features, such as high-quality audio files, free ads and modish radio. If these weren’t enough, Rhapsody is powered by other secondary features, such as sleep timer, audio EQ and more. Rhapsody also allows you to create bespoke sound tracks and playlists, so that they can bring about every mood in the most tuneful way. And, who could possibly give a miss to this app, knowing that one can tune in to radio and dive into musical waters by choosing an artist or song of one’s choice.




Download Spotify AppAndroid Version, iOS Version

You will be bound to make a space for this app on your Android device owing to its superior quality and diversified playlist. Spotify is a free app with a phenomenal list of 20 million songs from a big range of artists. You aren’t just lucky to listen to these songs, but find yourself on the power seat to create your own playlists and hear your friends’ creations. Spotify is compatible with even tablets.





  • ITube Music Downloader


If you don’t want a maze-like app for your phone, ITube is an ideal choice. ITube Music Downloader allows users to not only download MP3 files, but play and save them automatically to your usable device. Wondering what else you can do with the downloaded music? The answer will leave you singing the praises of this app. You can set the music as your alarm bell, notification, ringtone and what not. Lyrics are available online here.

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  • MP3 Music Download (HangSui)

This is a special and powerful place for music junkies with legions of songs, which make go spoilt for choice. This music application is one of a kind, which allows its users to download music from YouTube as well. What could potentially win your heart is the terrific arrangement of MP3 files.


Download Pandora for iOS

Download Pandora for Android

Pandora lets you listen to your favorite music with profound convenience. Nothing comes close to this music application when ease of use is something to consider. Though, Pandora has a short, trimmed list of songs as compared to its contemporaries, but it doesn’t make it any inferior, thanks to a simple interface it is endowed with. The songs here could be instantly converted into alarm sounds.




Download AppiOS Version, Android Version

Anghami is simply unlimited. If you have this app at your disposal, you can gain access to gazillion songs without any hitch. The application allows you to power up your device with pleasure-sounding, rich Arabian and international songs, and that too, for free. Anghami places you to a complete win-win situation, where you can access this piece of technology even when offline. You can even share your pick with your friends on social networks.



Wrap Up

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