Want To Get iPhone X Look On Your Android Device?- Here’s The Answer!

When iPhone X was announced, it got everyone talking about how it will do away with the Home Button and introduce a notch on the top of the display. This latest flagship also sports a bezel-less design, unheard of in other iPhones. But, it’s the notch that has piqued many interests across the world. The notch will house several sensors for Face ID, speakers, microphone, secondary camera and also a proximity sensor.

To experience the notch design, you will have to part away with at $1,000. Or do you really have to? What if I told you there was a way to get the similar (if not the same) look and feel on some of your Android devices and that too for free? Yes! There is a way to make your Android screen look quite like iPhone X display. This is exactly what we will talk about in this article.

Planting a Virtual iPhone X Notch on Your Android

Before we proceed, I would like to be afforded the opportunity to be clear and straightforward. Unlike the iPhone X, the notch we are going to deploy on your Android isn’t physical; it’s virtual. Also, it looks a lot like the Xesque notch but doesn’t even remotely function the same way. The Apple flagship has a variety of sensors to enable face detection for the very talked about Face ID feature. The notch on your Android is mostly for the show.

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I have tested this notch on a variety of Android devices and it worked absolutely fine. So, how are we going to get it?

To achieve this feat, we will use XOutOf10, an Android App. This app will do what it promises to; it adds a notch like cut out on the top of your device display. And this app is easy to use. You could turn the notch off quickly if you don’t like the look. So, let’s see how to get the X look on Android. Here are the steps:

  • The very first thing you need to do is download the app from Google Play Store.
  • Run the app and if you are doing it for the first time, grant it the permission to draw over other apps (You will see a prompt)
  • Go to Settings and grant the app some more permissions including the ability to start up and run in the background, display pop-ups, and letting it show the notch over the lock screen. This pretty much ensures that the notch stays on top of any app you are using.

Getting the iPhone X Lookalike Display

Notch alone isn’t going to make the cut unless you have an iPhone X style home screen on your Android. Honestly, getting the notch is easy; getting the home screen could get a little tricky. But, that’s what this article is about. We have simplified each step of the procedure. All you need to do is follow them carefully. You should have the display in less than a couple of minutes. Here is what you need to do:

  • Go to Google Play Store and download Nova Launcher free version (in case you plan to use advanced features, buy Nova Prime for $4.99)
  • Run Nova Launcher and when prompted, make sure you set it as the default launcher for your Android
  • Go to Settings on Nova and navigate to Desktop > Desktop Grid
  • Select the grid size 6 x 4 to make it comparable to iPhone X. Once that’s done, hit “Done”
  • We also need to increase the size of the icons on the home screen to make it look more like iPhone X’s. Open Nova Settings again and go to Desktop > Icon Layout. Move the slider to increase the Icon Size to 150%.
  • Let’s tweak the Dock settings of Nova now. Open Settings in Nova one more time and go to Dock > Dock Background. Choose ‘Rectangle’ as the Shape and ‘White’ as Content Color.
  • In the Dock settings I would recommend you to change the transparency level to 50% to bring it even closer in looks to iPhone X. Also change the number ‘Dock icons’ to 4 (that’s what iPhone X has).
  • Now add a new iPhone X type wallpaper for a better iOS feel to the home screen

We are almost done here. But, another very important step remains. In fact, this step is so important I decided to mention it separately. This is how you will get the true iOS-esque look on your Android home screen:

  • Download the “TrueiOS – Icon Pack” for free from Google Play Store. Now, open Nova and go to Settings. Here, Navigate to Look & Feel >> Icon Theme. From here, select “TrueiOS Icon Pack”

We are done now! Just rearrange your home screen icons to make it look uncluttered. Your Android home screen will look quite, if not completely, like iPhone X.

Now you know how to get the iPhone X style look on Android. But, it would be remiss of me to not tell you something important. While you can get this look on pretty much any Android device, it will look the best on the one with the bezel-less design like iPhone X. Of course, there is also a chance you may like it even if you don’t have an all-screen phone. There is no harm in giving it a try. You can always retreat to your old style. After all, it is free.

One Last Thing – Curvy Corners

Almost all the iOS devices and many Android devices offer the rounded corner display. The curvy corners lend your phone a smooth, elegant look. The rounded corners complement the curvy body most phones have these days and offer consistency in appearance. The curved corners are all the more important for bezel less designs. Straight, pointed corners do not go really well with the design and stand out in a rather awkward way.

Even if you don’t have a rounded-corner body, the curved display corner would still look pretty good. Luckily, there is a way to round the corners of the display for free. All you have to do is download the Roundr app from Play Store. Open the app and go to the Settings. Here, enable the option “Enable Roundr.”

That will be all!

Winding Up

iPhone X is going to hit the market very soon. Pre-orders have started and shipping will begin in the first week of November 2017. From the functionality standpoint, we don’t really know how good it is going to be. But, going by the images we have seen on the internet, there is no denying that its bezel-less design coupled with the high-res display looks pretty awesome. We know iPhone X is not coming cheap. It costs a fortune. Fortunately, there is a way to convert your Android home screen into an iPhone X like display quite easily. All you need is apps like XOutOf10 and Nova Launcher. It is not the exact replica but quite there.

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