Google Launches Three Experimental Camera App

Last updated December 23rd, 2017

In an attempt to broaden its scope in the field of mobile optics, Google has launched three new camera apps. These apps are the part of Google’s new research technology series, which the company calls ‘appsperiments’ (portmanteau of apps and experiments). The company had launched Motion Stills in 2016 for the iOS devices that allowed the users to create stunning time-lapse videos. The app was a runaway success and a few months later it was also released on Android. The three new apps are the first installment of the line of appsperiments apps for photography Google plans to release in the future. By blending the elements of fun and creativity, Google aims at enhancing the user’s camera experience. The company has used a variety of in-house technologies it has been researching and developing for a long time including enhanced image encoding and decoding, stylization algorithms, person segmentation, object recognition and many more. In this article, we take a look at the three newly released camera apps. Keep reading!


Every time you strike a new pose you don’t have to press the camera shutter button to take the snap. Selfissimo! will automatically click a picture for you. The way the app works is pretty simple. Start the photoshoot mode in the app and start posing differently. When you change from one pose to another and stop moving, the app will detect it and click the photo. So, if you are not happy with a photo and want to try out different poses, let this app do the work for you. In fact, you can even change the camera angle without having to change the pose to click the picture automatically. You can end the photo-shoot with a simple tap. Selfissimo! lets you share the entire photo-shoot or individual photos. This app is available on Android 5.0 Lollipop or later and iOS 9.3 or later.

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Storyboard, as the name suggests, is a Google app that converts your videos into storyboard in the form of comics. It uses Google’s very own, new experimental technology that selects the video frames automatically, stylizes them and lays them out in a comic style storyboard. The app is pretty easy to use too. Just shoot a new video or select the one in your phone library and let the app do the rest. Storyboard will automatically select an effect for you. But, you can change the effect easily by dragging down the comic page a little bit to refresh it and to select the new effect. Even though the app selects the frames automatically in the beginning, you can always manually select the frames of your choice. If you have a video you want to narrate in the comic format, Storyboard is the app for you. You can share the videos and even save it on your phone. Storyboard is only available on Android (5.0 and above).


This is the third app in the line of the 3 newly released camera apps by Google. This app is available only on iOS devices with version 10.0 or above. It is not supported on Android at this time. This app allows you to tweak the direction and speed of the video playback. By doing so, you can create interesting loops that you can continuously. Whether you wish to playback an exciting action or simply capture some funny looking faces, Scrubbies will let you replay all the moments. First of all, you will need to shoot a new video using the app. Once that’s done you can swipe left or right with one finger to scrub your video. Once you reach the point from where you wish to create the loop you can start capturing the playback using two fingers. You can share the created loop from within the app on various platforms. The loop video is also saved on your device. Unfortunately, the app does not create loops from the existing videos. You must shoot a new video using the app.


While these apps may not have any real utilitarian value, they sure are some fun to play with. Whether you wish to make the selfie session easier, convert your video frames into the comic-style storyboard or simply create loops from videos, you can use these apps. I personally found these apps very interesting and I like the fact that they are somewhat bringing art and technology even closer. I hope that you also enjoy using these tools as much as I did. Have fun!

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