Google Play Services Has Stopped: Here’s How To Fix That Error

So I’m pretty sure all of us with Android have at one time or other have encountered the problem where unfortunately Google Play services has stopped working and a prompt intrudes the screen. Most users only see it once in a blue moon, and usually when the device is too occupied with processes that it has to shut down non-essential processes to give a smooth performance. But if you’re getting the problem too often, it might be time to check for the underlying issue causing it. To make it easier for you, we have collected a list of probable reasons for Google Play Services errors. Check them out below, and prevent the prompt from showing up over and over.


What Causes Google Play Services Errors?

The usual culprit is a crowded memory on your Android phone. When you have too many apps playing at the same time, or a phone with too many files, media and documents crowding the device, the processor might be forced to terminate non-essential background functions. Unfortunately Google play store has stopped “error” are due to this, since gaming is non-essential when you’re using a different app.

Other times, Google Play Services has stopped working if you have an old version of the app and haven’t updated it in a long time or if the WiFi settings are blocking an IP. Here is what you can do to solve Google Play Services Errors.

Google Play Services Has stopped Working: Solutions:

Before we tell you the solutions you can try out, please make sure you know what you’re doing. Some options can be pretty intense, like rooting can void warranties for some manufacturers. So as long as you know your game, here are some options you can try out.

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Update Google Play Services

Go to the Play Store application on your Android device, and go to My Apps and Games from the menu on the top left. Look up the list of apps requiring updating, and if you spot Google Play Services, update it. This should get you the latest version. You can also automatically set the apps to update on their own. This way you can get rid of the Google Play Services error.

Clear The App’s Cache

Go to Settings on your Android Smartphone, and enter “Apps”. Find “Google Play Services” and tap it to open. Force stop the app, and then Clear the Cache. This effectively resets the app, and you should get rid of whatever is causing errors on your device.

Check Google Services Framework

Like Google Play Services, there is also a Google Services Framework, which aids in operations of many Google apps on Android. Go to Settings and then to Apps of your Smartphone, and look up Google Services Framework. Force stop the app and then clear cache, just like the previous option.

Look Up WiFi Settings

Your internet connection could be causing the problem. Try connecting to a different WiFi, using mobile data or reboot the WiFi router. You might want to investigate if someone has hacked the WiFi and causing trouble to you. Rebooting the Router usually works.

If Nothing Else Works…

You can try rebooting the device. The more extreme version of this could be rooting your Android device by taking help of an expert. You may consult the expert if overclocking the device or installing a custom ROM can solve the problem.

I hope this helps you solve the problem. Tell us your experiences with Google Play Services errors below. We also hope you never come across this message i.e., “Google play services has stopped” in future.


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