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How to Download Movies From Netflix on Your Windows, iOS Device, Tablet or PC?

Who doesn’t love the idea of couch entertainment with a popcorn takeaway? Everyone does, right? And Netflix just takes the obsession a little further.

Ever since Netflix started as a company renting DVDs by email, it was a name to reckon with. Soon, it upped its game with streaming media and now, rules big in the sector. It’s one of the most popular, convenient and inexpensive ways to watch TV shows and movies online. You can stream Netflix content on Smart TVs, Game Consoles, Media Streamers, Smartphones and Tablets.

Netflix Brings Offline Viewing to Windows 10 After iOS and Android

The real beauty of the service is the perk of offline playback, which was already available for iOS (except Macbook) and Android devices, but has been recently expanded to Windows 10 PCs. That means, if you’re on a laptop with Windows 10, the Netflix app on the store will have the support for offline playback. You can download your favorite movies, stock them up, and watch them even without Wi-Fi. There are some caveats, of course. Netflix has cleared that the offline playback service is available only on selected titles, but more movies and TV shows will be included within the ambit in the coming days. Also, the feature is limited to PCs and hasn’t been rolled out to Windows 10 mobile version of the app.

To avail yourself of the latest feature, you need to download the updated version of the app. Once you’ve it, you’ll be able to see the ‘download’ button, but next to only a selected few titles, not the entire catalog.

Here’s How You Can Download Netflix Content to Your Phone, Tablet or PC

For the unaware, the offline playback facility by Netflix has certain stipulations. You need to check the OS version of your device first to take advantage of offline viewing. It’s available for iOS 9.0 or later, Android 4.4.2 or later and only for Windows 10 PC version of the app. If your device is compatible, you need to follow the below mentioned steps to download content from Netflix. Read on.

  • You need to update your Netflix app if you haven’t already. Just in case you haven’t set your device for auto updates, you need to visit the store particular to whichever device you’re using, Windows, iOS or Android, and check for updates. Finding an update for Netflix app, click update and wait till it ends.
  • Next, choose the quality level of your playback. Check ‘Standard’ or ‘Higher’. As for the specifications, the ‘Standard’ occupies a little space on your device and provides for speedy downloads, whereas ‘Higher’ taps on larger space and reduces download speed. Also speaking of experience, we’d recommend selecting ‘higher’ resolution for watching movies on a tablet or a PC, while the ‘standard’ level will work fine for smartphones. To choose, go to the Menu icon (on the left) >> App Settings >> Downloads >> Video Quality >> Choose Standard or Higher.

  • Select your pick from the titles available for download. Go to the Menu option in the upper-left corner of the screen, and see which titles have a download option (the downward arrow with a horizontal line beneath). Make your selection and hit the download button.
  • Once your download ends, head to ‘My Downloads’ section to play your movie or TV show. You can reach there by tapping on the menu button again. You’ll see the title along with its running time and the space it is using on the device. Now, play the content and enjoy your time.

Note for Android Users: The downloaded content will be stored in the same space where the Netflix app is stored. If you want the content to get stored on the microSD card, make sure that the app is also saved on it.

Titles Available for Netflix Offline Playback

Netflix has definitely agreed to the long-standing demand of offline playback on phones, tablets and Windows 10 PCs, but is yet to go full-scale on it. There are only specific titles, which you can download and watch them without an internet connection; on the fly. However, the company has said that more titles will be added to offline watch in the future. To get started, remember that titles exclusive to Netflix are available first for offline playback. They include Narcos, The Crown, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. As for the TV shows, The Breaking Bad, Weeds and Blacklist, and movies Boyhood and the Moonrise Kingdom can be watched without internet.

How To Manage Your Download List?

This section basically focuses on how to delete a title. You might feel like deleting a title and the reason can be any. Maybe you’ve already watched the movie. Or, you’re simply junking out the old ones to create space for new downloads. Or, you’ve just changed your mind. There are two ways to delete files in the ‘My Downloads’ folder.

Deleting An Individual Title

  • Go to the respective title and select ‘Edit’ on the upper-right corner.
  • Hit the ‘X’ icon next to the title you want to junk.
  • Soon, the title will disappear from the list.
  • Since there’s no second confirmation, be double sure of deleting a title.

Deleting All Titles

  • To delete all titles, go to the Menu option and select App Settings.
  • Tap on ‘Clear All Downloads’.
  • A second confirmation will pop up on the screen. Confirm it.
  • All titles are deleted now.

That’s all about downloading and managing your Netflix downloads on your phone, tablet and PC. It’s pretty impressive to see how Netflix is leaving no stone unturned to provide an unmatched experience to its users and be a reputed global name. For more such Netflix posts, guides and news, keep visiting BloomTimes. For any query, suggestion or feedback, reach out to us in the comments section below and we’ll respond to you the soonest.