Top Reasons to Buy PS4 Pro and not Xbox One X

PlayStation and Xbox have been fighting the console war for nearly 15 years. Both have fiercely vied for supremacy over the other. Both have won some battles and lost others. Come this holiday season Xbox One X has fueled the war and taken it to the whole new level. Hailed by Microsoft as “the most powerful console ever made”, Xbox One X has begun to draw attention and make people ponder whether to buy this or PS4 Pro.

If specs are to be considered, X is definitely a more powerful console than PS4 Pro. Is that the reason enough to buy Xbox One X? Given the games available in the market, does X overkill? Well, Xbox One X is a superior console. Yet, we have plenty of reasons why you would like to buy PS4 Pro instead. Let’s take a look.

The Price Difference

For many, the difference in the price could be the most convincing reason to pick PS4 Pro over the latest Xbox One. The gap in the price is not most of us can easily overlook. When the two consoles were launched nearly 4 years ago, PS4 was priced at $399 and Xbox One cost $499; a difference of $100. Today, PS4 Pro and Xbox One cost the same as they did back then. A saving of $100 definitely weighs in while making the buying choice. In fact, PS4 Pro has been out there for a while and you may even end up getting up to $50 discount; all the more reason to buy the Sony iteration.

There is no denying that X is packed more power with enhanced hardware. But, most gamers may not even feel the difference unless they have a very keen eye for details. The money saved could buy you more games or if you are planning to buy a new 4K TV, you may get a better one.

The Difference Isn’t Quite Noticeable

As I just said, you will not feel any significant difference in the graphics as well as the performance unless you really have to. I have played some games on both and noticed only a few differences and only in certain instances. The difference isn’t almost absent if you have a non 4K TV. There is a chance that over a period of time we may see the gap between the two widening. At this moment though, it is much the same.

This is all the truer when you are immersed in the game, in the middle of, let’s say, intense shooting while trying to get through the enemies. That’s the time when you barely draw any comparisons unless there is a dramatic difference in the quality. With video games, gameplay has remained more important than anything else and will always do. So, if you do buy Xbox One, what you will notice more than the difference in the performance is the extra money you shelled out.

PlayStation’s Virtual Reality has no Match in Xbox One X

VR is still much in its infant stage and there is a very long way to go for it to become mainstream. But, if you are an early adopter of technology, you must already be looking out for options or figured out that Xbox does not provide any alternative to PlayStation VR headset. While Microsoft has some mobile and PC options for VR experience, they stand nowhere in comparison to PS4 VR experience.

Sony already has a pretty decent line of VR games for PS4 and more just keep coming out every now and then. PlayStation VR experience betters any other VR gaming at this time. It has better controllers, more appealing graphics, and cool accessories.

The Available Games

The choice of games is largely a matter of personal interest. Yet, the sales stats can be a pretty good indicator. PS4 Pro has an exceptional line-up of the exclusive games that Xbox One hasn’t been able to catch up with. This may sound like a personal opinion but the sales figures do not lie. Sony has been smart to bundle PS4 with some of the most incredible exclusive games. This is one of the biggest reasons why PS4 sales have surpassed Xbox One’s worldwide.

For many gamers, the availability of better exclusive titles alone is the reason enough to pick PS4 instead of Xbox One X.

Again, I will say that the liking for games is highly subjective. Even though PS4 Pro has some incredible titles, you may still by a Halo or Gears of War loyal. And yet, PS4 exclusive titles like Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, Uncharted the Lost Legacy, Horizon Zero Dawan and many others are hard to look away from.

Cross-platform Games Too May Have More Bonuses with PS4

The cross-platform games are what they are – cross-platform; you can play them on both PS4 Pro and Xbox One. And yet, there are some in-game updates exclusives to consoles. This is the front where PS4 Pro clearly wins. Sony has a deal with some of the leading publishers for exclusive content. Destiny 2 is one such example where some packs are meant only for PS4 and cannot be had on Xbox One X. Also, certain game packs are released on PS4 first before they are available to Xbox One users.

PS4 enjoys this privilege because it has sold way more units than Xbox One. And, until Xbox One sales surpass PS4’s this arrangement will not see any change. This may not sound very fair (and probably it is not), but that’s how it is. And, this factor has the potential to influence the buying decisions of many.

Xbox Exclusives Can be Played on PC

Most, if not all, Xbox exclusive titles are also released for PC. Majority of such titles can be played on both the platforms (PC and Xbox One X.) I truly like this move by Microsoft as I don’t have to buy the same game separately for PC and Xbox One X.

That’s good! But, that also gives you another reason why you can buy PS4 Pro and not Xbox One. If you have a PC you don’t need to dent your finances by buying Xbox One X as you can anyway play most of the games. On the other hand, there is no PC alternative to PS4 Pro. If you like its exclusives, you got to own the console.

More Free Games on PS4 Network

Both consoles’ stores offer free games to the users now. PlayStation Network, however, has a much bigger assortment of free games as compared to Xbox One. PS4 has been doing this for a long time now and Microsoft has just started. Even though the last few months haven’t been as rewarding for the PlayStation users as one would like in terms of availability of free games, yet when you look at the bigger picture, PS4 is a winner here. What’s more encouraging is that Sony keeps releasing free VR games from time to time. So, if you have the VR gear and you are a VR fan, you may not have any second thoughts about which console to buy.

Wrapping Up

I think I have laid out enough reasons why you must choose PS4 Pro over Xbox One X. That said, I may offhand still dispense some reasons to convince you otherwise to pick Xbox One X instead of PS4 Pro. But, I don’t want to do that lest I be blamed for being ambiguous. There is absolutely no denying that both PS4 Pro and Xbox One are the latest generation, advanced consoles. In this article, I only intend to highlight the benefits of PS4 Pro without even slightly discrediting the other. I must also admit that the above pointers are not the only factors to consider while making the buying decision; there are many more. If you can put the price difference aside, I am confident that you will not regret buying any of the two consoles.

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