Update Your iPhone From iOS 10 Beta To iOS 10 Public Release- How To Guide!

iOS 10 has brought out a lot more than people’s expectation, for example, latest iOS 10 emojis, and some exciting cool features, though Apple has been rolling out the iOS 10 release date Public Release in phases. However, if your iPhone hasn’t yet been updated automatically with the latest iOS 10 Public Release, you can update it manually.

Backup Your Device

How to backup iPhone! lets talk about it first! It takes only a few minutes to backup your data. Just a little extra time can ensure the safety of your data. So, it is definitely worth the wait.

You could backup your data on your computer using iTunes or save it all online to iCloud. Most people find iTunes backup outdated and thus rely on iCloud more. But, remember that iCloud backup consumes mobile of Wi-Fi data. If the data is limited, you could always back it up on your computer, which does not cost you anything.

iCloud Backup

First of all, you will need to enable iCloud backup on your iOS device. Here is how you can do that:

  • Go to Settings app on your iOS device
  • Locate iCloud option and tap it
  • Tap the Backup option
  • You will now see the iCloud Backup slider. If it is turned off, turn it off by sliding it to the right.
  • A dialogue box will pop-up warning you that you will not be able to backup automatically to your computer using iTunes. Confirm your action by tapping OK.

Your device will now be backed up every 24 hours. During the automatic backup, your phone must be plugged into the power and connected to Wi-Fi. The first backup takes a while, but henceforth it will be faster as iCloud will only backup the changes you have made since the last backup and not everything.

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Manual iCloud Backup 

You need the iCloud id and password to backup your phone (manually or automatically). iCloud id is the same as your Apple ID. You must have created it while setting up your iPhone for the first time.

Since you are upgrading the OS on your phone, you cannot wait for 24 hours for the backup to start. Thankfully, you can backup to iCloud manually as well. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone
  • Choose iCloud
  • Tap on the Backup option
  • You will see Backup Up Now option; tap on it

Your iPhone will be backed up to iCloud.

 iTunes Backup

Here is how you can enable iTunes for backup:

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer with USB cable
  • Launch iTunes application on your computer
  • On the left of the iTunes window you will see the Device icon on the top; click on it
  • Now click on Summary option to select it
  • In the Backups section, you will see the option to Automatically or Manually backup your iPhone.
  • Since you are upgrading iOS, click on Backup Up Now under Manually Backup and Restore

This will backup your device on your computer.

Installing The iOS 10 Public Release of iOS On iPhone

Now that you have ensured all your data is backed up and safe, you can update to the iOS 10 Public Release version. You can do that right from your device or use a Mac computer for the same.

Update Directly from the Device

  • Launch the Settings app and go to General; from there select Profiles

  • Now tap on the Beta profile
  • Now tap on Delete Profile to erase the beta profile from your phone

  • You may be prompted to enter your passcode. Enter it and then tap Delete again
  • Power off toggle using Slide and turn off your device by holding down the power button

  • Restart your iPhone by holding down the power button again

This will update the iOS version on your phone

Update Using Mac Computer

  • Connect your device to the Mac computer
  • Press and hold down the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons together. DO NOT release the buttons when the Apple logo appears on the screen; wait for the phone to enter the recovery mode
  • When prompted, click the Update option on your Mac
  • You will need to click Update again to install the public release of iOS 10
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking Agree

The iOS10 public release will thus be updated to your iPhone

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