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10 Best VPNs for Android to Make Your Internet Browsing Safer Than Ever Before

It’s a undoubtedly for the better that people are getting conscious of their security and privacy on the internet. Unfortunately, what it also entails is a plethora of developers coming up with their own VPN and getting them commercialized. But you cannot go around buying 3 Best VPN for android to get a decent smarter of features. So, which one should you choose?

That’s a hard question, since it is pretty complex to evaluate apps with different features and capabilities on a normalized footing. But even so, I have a list of 10 apps you can choose from. To make things easier, I have arranged the apps in a decreasing order of my liking for them, carefully considered and evaluated over several factors (well, to the best of my ability anyway). So here goes!  You are going to check some of the Best free VPN for Android. 

The 10 best VPN apps for Android you should try!

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Benefits : Strong encryption (reported to be military grade), No logs of internet activity

NordVPN is amazing because it is terribly easy to use. Tap the icon, toggle a button and your phone is now running a VPN which is reputed to be military grade. No logins are required, and since the service is provided from Panama, thus away from the control of governments in the US or Europe, it is among the most secure. You’ll find the app keeping your favorite places on the internet on the home screen of the app, a la Google Chrome. The green background is soothing.  We have many more best android vpn check them out. 

Links :- Official WebsiteGoogle Play Store.


Benefits: almost 100 locations to choose from, support for double connections

ExpressVPN’s support for 256-bit encryption is worth appreciation. The home page is a bit cluttered, especially for people with smaller screens. But things are clear to see with the white background. The VPN needs to be purchased, but you’ll have a 24 hour free trial period to check out the features the app offers. Also notable is the home screen widget. Displaying of the renewal date is a bit redundant, though. A notification would have served the purpose.

Links :- Official WebsiteGoogle Play Store

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Benefits: No logs, snazzy appearance

Ipvanish gets it. An app needs to say no to keeping logs on users’ information. At the same time, it needs to look good as well if it hopes to get itself promoted through word of mouth. Ipvanish is a common man’s VPN. Plus, did you know they pulled out of Russia due to incompatibility with local law on keeping a log. The app is arguably the most popular one in the market; maybe the visual aid of the data graph helps? Also it is available vpn for android and works grate. 

Links :- Official WebsiteGoogle Play Store.  


Benefits: Masking the VPN itself along with internet trails

If you’re into your apps looking completely unique (and that might not necessarily be a good thing), VyprVPN could do the trick for you. 50 locations around the globe and 256-bit encryption are pretty ordinary to find in a VPN software. What attracts attention is Chameleon, a functionality that hides your VPN from being traced, along with the data the VPN is hiding! Plus, uptill a monthly limit of 500 MB, your app usage is free! This is one of the best android vpn. 

Links :- Official WebsiteGoogle Play Store.

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Benefits: Automatic toggle in unsecured networks, 400+ servers!

SaferVPN is made with an eye to detail. It doesn’t log your activities, it comes with a free trial so you can make up your mind about the service, and it is positively ultra-fast! The app could have certainly worked to better how it looks, since the dark theme makes it look stocky and unpolished (though not nearly half as unpolished as TunnelBear!). The map based location choosing is attractive, however.

Links :- Official Website, Chrome Web Store.


Benefits: No logs, 500 servers across 101 countries, up to 5 connections!

256-bit encryption enabled, PureVPN is a no-nonsense app. The first 2 GB are free, and then you can choose a subscription plan if you like what the app offers. The app has no third parties involved in the functioning, which generally means higher security. I’m not sure what self-managed networks and choosing usage specific servers does for security, but it does look fancy. With upto 5 simultaneous connections supported, PureVPN is a great app to try.

Links :- Official WebsiteGoogle Play Store.

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Flash VPN

Benefits: Simple, One Touch Interface, perfect for your technologically challenged friends.

This app is basically just a menu for server location and a toggle button. It doesn’t have a lot of fancy features, but it does the trick for people who aren’t fond of navigating through a complex, option-sprawled page. Flash VPN is also completely free. This VPN is the only best vpn for android which comes for only android. I will not add this one in best android VPN because its not user friendly.

Links :- Google Play Store.


Benefits: Seamless, Secure and easy

HideMyAss has a little bit on everything. Evade hackers by surfing the internet privately. The service claims to have a whopping 755 servers, spread over 242 locations (not countries, mind you!). The USP it advertises is the 30 day money back guarantee. It’s not a lot, but factoring in the connection speed and the interface, it’s not all that bad either. Definitely worth one try. 

Links :- Official WebsiteGoogle Play Store.

Hideman VPN

Benefits: Cheap, simple to use

If Flash VPN is too simple for you, Hideman could be the perfect level of complexity. The service has about 20 countries where its servers are located. Otherwise, the app has a pretty stock appearance, which might work for people who aren’t very techno-savvy.

Links :- Official WebsiteGoogle Play Store.


Benefits: Everything looks like a park. It’s not bad, I swear!

OK, as pointless as a bear theme in a VPN is, maybe the developers were trying out a new thing? Maybe it was bring-your-kids-to-work day and someone got dared to make an app out of the best crayon drawing of the lot? As much as I would love to indulge in discussing how juvenile the GUI is, fact is it gets the job done. Plus, nobody in your vicinity could suspect that the thing open on your screen right now is a VPN! Makes you feel like an undercover agent, now doesn’t it? 

Links :- Official WebsiteGoogle Play Store.

These are the top 10 Best Free VPNs for android we found. Which one do you prefer? Tell us in the comments below. If you use any other VPN and thinks it should be in our list of best android vpn then let us know via comments.