What is Sarahah- The Latest Sensation On The Social Media!

When Sarahah service was first launched, it aimed at offering a platform to the employees through which they could freely and anonymously share the feedback with their colleagues, superiors, and others. Designed by Zain Tawkif from Saudi Arabia, this app has now become quite mainstream. In fact, calling it mainstream would be an understatement. Sarahah became a huge trend soon after it was made public. Today, you get to see everyone posting the link to their Sarahah ID requesting others to share their honest opinion of them.

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Sarahah is an Arabic word and it translates to “honesty” in English. Well, that pretty much tells the intent with which the app was created.

Sarahah lets you register and create an account. You can share the link to that account on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Others can use that link to tell them what they think about you – all anonymously. In the beginning, Sarahah was just a web service. But, when it started becoming popular, the developers also launched a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

For now, Sarahah has taken the world by storm and its popularity is off the charts. The app has only recently become a trend. Some may still be wondering what it is all about. So, we throw some more light at Sarahah in this article.

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Alright! The first thing you need to do in order to receive feedback or messages is to sign up for the services. That, you could do on a web browser on your computer or through the app.

On a computer

If you are using a computer, here is what you need to do to get started:

  • Visit the website sarahah.com
  • Click ‘Register’ on the top right (or you could directly go to https://www.sarahah.com/Account/Register)
  • Enter the required information in the following fields: Email, Password, Password Confirmation, Username, Name, and Photo (optional)
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Click ‘Register’ button

There you are with a Sarahah account. The link to your account where people can write feedback will look like this: username.sarahah.com

Share this link and allow people to send you ‘honest’ feedback.

To check the received messages, log in with your username and password at https://www.sarahah.com/Account/Login

On the App

This one is easy too. Here are the simple steps:

  • Download the app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store
  • Launch the App
  • Tap “New Account” to register (if you haven’t already of course)
  • Enter the same details – Email, Password, Password Confirmation, Username, and Name (you can add the photo later once you have registered)
  • Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Tap “Sign Up”

Just like above, username.sarahah.com would be the link to your account where people can send messages.

Registered Sarahah users can also use the app to look up for your username and send anonymous feedback.


Nature hasn’t design every human being with the consistent mental characteristics and traits. Some are bold and outgoing, others are reticent and introvert. Some are straightforward and share their opinion to your face, others will hold themselves back lest they offend or hurt you.

There are a number of people who or desire to know other people’s opinion of them. They have their own reasons. Many wish to use the feedback for self-improvement and to shape their live rather constructively, most are simply bothered how others think of them.

Whether you wish to share feedback or receive it, Sarahah can help you both ways.

Those who would rather not speak up openly, but have something genuine to share can use this platform to voice their opinion about particular individuals. For instance, if you have been meaning to give an advice to a friend that you think would benefit him, but could not determine whether or not its your place to do that, you can use Sarahah.

On the other hand, as a receiver, you get to have a good insight into your strengths and weaknesses as perceived by the other. This could be used very constructively to your advantage, especially if you are in the profession where public opinion counts, such as a video-blogger or a YouTube actor.


When used in the right way, Sarahah could be a very effective tool. But, ‘right’ is not what we always get or what we must always expect. Sarahah is subject to abuse and misuse in a number of ways.

A lot of would not say a lot of things to your face as they are held back by fear or shame. But, when their identity is masked, they can cut themselves loose of the shackles. The inhibition that kept them within the zone of acceptable behavior instantly vanishes. Thus, they can let the words go completely unbridled.

This is why many have been critical of this platform. They believe that it has the potential to be the tool of cyber-bullying and sexual harassment. And, this could lead to some serious consequences. It could potentially destroy the lives of many.

If you would look at the ratings and reviews this app has received on the app stores, you will want to concur. In spite of its immense popularity, Sarahah has a poor rating of less than 3 on Play Store and App Store. The reviews are also not very pretty too. Some of them even say that their minor kids have become the victim of bullying and sexual harassment owing to the app.


There are always flip sides to the coin. One cannot be taken apart from another. That’s not just Sarahah; it’s the world we live in. Sarahah is an incredible tool when used the proper way. At the same time, it’s misapplications also cannot be overlooked. In our opinion, Sarahah is fairly new and there are plenty of chances for improvement. It can mitigate the misuse by incorporating some sort of verification, whereby one will only be allowed to send anonymous messages if they have submitted some sort of identity to the company. Their identity will not be disclosed to the recipient of the messages. But, it will be provided to the law enforcement if there is a complaint of abuse.

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