Windows 10 Fixes For Store And App Issues: Brief Guide

It is evident that Windows 10 is an upgrade of the previous versions of the operating systems and offers several enhancements over its predecessors. It introduces plenty of new features not available in the previous versions. Many users have been skeptical about switching over to Windows 10, thinking that it is difficult to use. However, some have taken up the challenge and have decided to use it all the way. Windows 10 is nothing if not advanced. It is not complicated especially when you know your way around it.

Windows 10 requires the regular update of the apps and this is possibly why some are reluctant to use it. It is also true that you may run into problems with your apps or Windows Store. Don’t worry! You are not alone. There are various known issues and here are some remedies you would like to consider.

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Use Troubleshooter

Windows 10 offers a new store and apps troubleshooter. The troubleshooter detects an issue in your store or any of your apps. The troubleshooter however may require internet connection at times. If there are problems with your Windows Store or a particular app, you will want to diagnose the problems and fix them. You may not always be able resolve them manually.

The truth is that it is difficult to identify the problems manually. This is why it becomes all the more difficult to solve them. The troubleshooter is not built-in to Windows 10 and thus you will need to get it from Microsoft website. This troubleshooter is specifically designed to function on Windows 10 and is not compatible with the older versions. This tool makes the troubleshooting fairly easy. You need to open the ‘Diagnostic Troubleshooting Wizard’ and follow the onscreen instructions.

Troubleshooter is a great tool but sometimes it may not be able to detect and solve the problems. But, for most part it is able to diagnose the problem and offer the fix. It is a free tool and thus it only makes sense to have it on your computer.

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Get Rid Of Storage Memory – Specifically Get Rid Of The Cache

This process is quite like refreshing your Windows Store. Getting rid of old unwanted memory in the store not only helps you sidestep the problems associated with the Store but fixes many app issues as well. In fact, it may also help take care of some issues with Windows operating system. The most incredible aspect of this process is that it barely takes a minute and sometimes even less.

Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows and R keys together on your keyboard. Type in ‘wsreset.ex’ in the text box and press Enter or click ‘OK’ button. After a few seconds you will see a command prompt screen saying that the caches have been cleared. Once the command prompt closes, Windows Store will open.

Update Problems

There could be a problem with the automatic Update Process for Windows Store. This can be fixed by checking the Windows Update components. Thankfully, there is a troubleshooter for this purpose as well. The problem is that the troubleshooter is not readily available. It is a third-party tool and not available on Microsoft website. You will need to find it on Microsoft forums or third-party support sites.

In fact, there are various troubleshooters to fix the Update Problems. Some of them are free while others are paid. We would recommend you to go for a good, paid tool if you can. A good troubleshooter will not only detect the problem quickly but also fix it.

Update problems are also often due to the issues with OS. You may want to restart your PC and re-launch the store to install the updates.

Register Connection Error

There are a number of reasons that can cause the Windows Store issues. Some issues are pretty commonplace and can be fixed easily. Some are rather rare and require special troubleshooting. But, there is nothing that you cannot fix in the end. After all, Windows Update is supposed to work fine. Now, there is another problem you may cross paths with called connection error.

You may experience connection error while updating the Windows Store or while trying to install an app. You need to make sure that your Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection is working fine. You can open a browser and check if internet is working. If internet is working and you are still facing this problem, here is the fix.  

Open the run dialog box by pressing Windows and R keys together. Type in ‘regedit’ (without quotes) and click OK (or press Enter key). This will open registry editor. Navigate to HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE/ SOFTWARE\Micros.  

On the profiles select Permissions and then select Advanced. You should finally select “Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object” then click OK. Now restart your computer. When the computer reboots, hopefully the problem will be fixed.

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Reregister Windows Store

You must have already figured by now that it is not possible to uninstall Windows Store. If that was possible, we could have installed a better version (provided it was available). But, what you can do is reregister Windows Store on your computer. We will use Windows Powershell which is used to ensure automation of Windows tasks. Look up for ‘Powershell’ (without quotes) in the search box on the taskbar. Right click ‘Powershell’ icon and click ‘Run as administrator.’ For Windows 10, input “& {$manifest= (Get-Appxpackage M.

This should take care of the problem.


Above are the methods to fix Windows 10 Store and App issues. Depending upon the type of the problem, one of them should work for you. It is best to start from the basic troubleshooting and if the issue still remains unresolved advanced to the higher stages. Windows App Store is pretty solid and usually does not cause any problem. But, it is also true that sometimes you may run into problems.

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