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5 Apps Capable of Bringing a Sea Change in Your Writing Skills

Writing doesn’t come so easy. Every budding writer has to invest a whale of time and efforts to reach the ultimate level of perfection and efficiency. A productive writer is a wonderful package, stuffed with success ingredients of quality, versatility, flexibility, speed and knowledge. And, once he achieves a grip over a few of these, if not all, he can give a winning spin to his success story. It is no brainier to understand why writing is a serious business.


Not only a writer educates the masses through his well-intentioned masterpieces, but also wears the responsibility around his torso to bring a notable transformation in the society. He takes it upon himself to lay bare the stale mindset of our society, and pulls down the spotlight on the issues, which genuinely command the attention of the state. In any possible way, the importance of writing cannot be brushed aside, and so does the deftness it requires.

No one is a born writer or a poet. The day-to-day experiences and ideas wake up the ‘observer’ and ‘thinker’ in us, and we pick up the great ‘ink weapon’ to reinforce the brains around. As we start getting regular with the new-found obsession, our minds become an idea-toting entity; ideas which are creative, captivating and thought-provoking. A super-successful career is what every writer aspires to, but every start is painstaking, no matter it is riddled with challenges. There is always a time when every effort seems to be easily coming to a nought, and you feel a rut in your journey. Though such a phase is deeply distressing, it isn’t invincible at all!

Technology has simplified many a complexity in our lives, and that too quite proactively. It has lubricated our ambitions, and blown hot air in our punctured hopes. Even the writing domain hasn’t remained impervious to the charm of technology, and we have a clutch of applications and tools, available to hone our skills, and make us a pro-writer. Check them out!


A user wouldn’t take a second to get sold on the functioning of WriteChain, which is synonymous with easy-to-use and friendly. The application does not carry any elaborate arrangement of hidden editors and quotes, but certainly assists writers to keep track of the word count. WriteChain is a worthy choice if a writer is tight on schedule. Using this remarkable app, a user can set achievable deadlines, write daily and establish a chain.


Evernote can be perfectly termed as a ‘wingman’ to an ambitious writer. The application allows you to write your ideas – anytime, anywhere. A user can simply accumulate his ideas, script them and set his feet on the rising ground. Evernote uses your data from the cloud, providing the users an all-time high access to the pool of ideas. A user can utilize the stored ideas, and jot down a story whenever he wishes so.

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Manuscript is a shot in the arm for the seasoned writers, who seek for a full-scale application, designed aptly to handle the toughest of the proofreading tasks. Manuscript does all what it takes for editing documents which are long and detailed. The application is equipped with features, like word count, page count, and Dropbox support. It can handle any amount of documents, irrespective of the size and type: just upload the document in question, and let it perform on the ever-sought platform.


iThoughts, deemed to be one of the best tools, mapping the mind on the iOS, is the simplest one, while being used, since a user is facilitated in arranging the thought-process, including the ideas and  information gained as such. Furthermore, this tool can be successfully used in various devices, such as iPhone and iPad. Even more, a user, while planning projects or making notes or being decisive on meeting outlines, iThoughts cannot be surpassed, as it provides ample opportunities, being as a most effective tool, for the mind-mapping.


Grammar is the cornerstone of the English language, and for a writer, it is of paramount importance to upgrade his writing skills, staying abreast of grammar rules and developments. A writer must know how to use grammar correctly, and improve his vocabulary. Grammarly is a great app, which underlines and mends the flaws with no difficulty at all. This application is definitely a better bid among other applications, but a user shouldn’t expect it to fill the emptiness of a high-end, real editor.


Next on the countdown is PapersGear, a platform that allows users to come under the corrective guidance of professionals, and at a price that doesn’t burn a hole in the pockets. The application has a terrific line-up of English experts, who work on enhancing the writing prowess without putting your monthly budget on a shaky ground.

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