Xbox One Review- Why One Should Buy it?

Microsoft was clearly losing the eighth generation console battle. Sony not only had the better hardware in PS4 Pro as compared to Xbox One, it also had a more appealing line of exclusive games. It was the lesson Microsoft learned the hard way. And now they have come up with Xbox One X, the world’s most powerful gaming console. Yes, it is by far the most powerful console and beats PS4 Pro decisively. Whether or not One X will truly rival and surpass PS4 sales only time will tell. Hardware alone will not make much of a dent unless the company comes up with some incredible exclusives. Microsoft says many exclusives are already on the way.

Xbox One X is new and it will be unfair to pass any judgment. However, based on what we have experienced so far, we have certain facts and our two cents for you. So, here is our early Xbox One review of this powerful console. Keep reading.

Hardware Experience

First things first! It’s truly surprising how the company has managed to pack in so much power in a small box. The vanilla Xbox One was one big, bulky box. Xbox One X is heavy too but it’s still very compact. It is almost the same size as Xbox One S.

One X is undeniably the most powerful console to be ever made. It outperforms PS4 Pro on all fronts.

  • The unit bundles AMD Jaguar process with 8 cores and processing power of 2.3 GHz. This is backed by a mighty 12 GB RAM.
  • To make things even more awesome, X has an AMD Radeon GPU with 6 teraflops. That’s about 2 teraflops larger than PS4 Pro.
  • One X CPU is also faster and has 3GB more RAM than PS4 Pro. And, it carries a 4K Blu-ray disc player, which is not present in PS4 Pro.

So, when Microsoft came all out and claimed they have the most powerful console, they were definitely not lying.

What one needs to note is that this much power also requires an effective cooling system. One X has a large fan, which is not only visually noticeable but also makes its presence felt with the noise it makes. Yes! X can get a bit noisy. But, that’s what you need to keep such a super-performing hardware cool. I would also recommend not to keep X inside a closed cupboard; out in the open, you will barely experience any heating issues.

Storage Experience

Storage is one aspect it seems Microsoft didn’t pay a lot of heed to. While 1TB should be fine for the beginners, it isn’t enough to even for the casual gamers. This is because Xbox One X games take a lot of space. Most games on Xbox One are up to 50 GB in size. But, the Xbox One X dedicated games or the ones enhanced for it are considerably bigger in size. Do not expect any game to take less than 70 to 100 GB space.

This is why I will recommend buying an external hard drive for this console. A 2TB drive should be good enough for most gamers.

4K Experience

The ‘True 4K’ experience got everyone talking about One X. There isn’t a console that offers native 4K capability to a full extent. 4K promises to do that and it looks like it will. However, it is a pretty new console and there is a long way to go before it truly proves its 4K worth.

Most Xbox One games offer full HD experience but have no real 4K support. 4K resolution can be as much as 4 times higher than 1080p. What’s interesting is that Xbox One X is nearly four times faster than the vanilla Xbox One. So, it has every reason to live up to its ‘true 4K’ gaming experience claims.

Microsoft will also soon be releasing a big lineup of 4K games. They will also redo and enhance some of the existing games to better utilize the capabilities of One X. But, not all the touched up games will necessarily be 4K upgraded. Some of them might just have a better fps, the others might have enhanced HDR capabilities.

In spite of squeezing such power in the box, One X experience might still not match what the high-end PC gaming has to offer.

I have also tried to compare Xbox One X and PS4 Pro hands on. Even though my research hasn’t been as extensive as I would have liked, I still have some important notes to share.

Firstly, the 4K hardware is only good if you have a matching 4K TV. On a normal 1080p, you will barely notice any difference. So, PS4 Pro is just about as good as One X in resolution on a normal HDTV.

I will also add that the transition from 1080 to 4K isn’t as dramatic as the jump from SD to 1080p. From a distance, it may appear quite the same. That’s not because 4K isn’t profoundly better than 1080p. 4K isn’t a fad. It’s just that the gaming graphics aren’t yet fully evolved to the full 4K potential.

Secondly, for most games, One X’s hardware is an overkill. I don’t think there is any game yet which is capable of utilizing even 80% of the console’s capabilities. At best the heaviest game may go as far as 70%. Xbox One X is more futuristic in that way. But, the gap will definitely widen when there will be more games apt for the performance prowess of One X.

Entertainment Experience

Gaming consoles are meant for gaming; but not necessarily all the time. In fact, most users buy them as a complete entertainment package. So, besides the games, the console should be able to offer various entertainment options too. Xbox One X can be considered kinda entertainment tool. With 4K Blu-ray drive and a 4K TV, you can expect a thrilling movie experience. Xbox One also offers HDR 10 and Dolby Atmos support that PS4 Pro fails to deliver. You can also plug One X into your existing home theater system.

I am disappointed that Xbox One X store does not have any 4K content of its own if you are not in the United States. So, for your 4K streaming needs, you will need to fall back to entertainment services like Netflix. Even YouTube isn’t an option as it does not support 4K streaming.

Thankfully, the Xbox Store lets you easily download Netflix and other entertainment services like HBO Go, Amazon Video, Plex, Hulu Plus and more. What really made me happy (yes happy) was the HDMI-in port that’s built into Xbox One and allows you to connect the unit to set-top boxes, Chromecast, and other such devices. It lets me watch TV through Xbox One and use my phone to cast videos with 4K support.

Price Experience

The most powerful console in the world also comes with the biggest price tag. Xbox One X is nearly $100 costlier than PS4 Pro and nearly two and a half times than Xbox One.

One X is priced at nearly $500 and PS4 Pro at $400. But, this holiday season, you may even get Pro at a discounted price of $349. The price difference isn’t what all of us can easily ignore. And this raises the question – Is Xbox One X really worth the money?

It is worth its salt if you are seeking the best 4K experience video gaming could provide at this time. Buying One X also makes sense if you are willing to invest in the technology which is somewhat futuristic. However, if the core gameplay is what you are looking at, Xbox One S and even PS4 Pro should be good enough.

Xbox One Review- FINAL VERDICT

Xbox One X is the most powerful video game console at this time. Hardware specs and 4K support shout that out loud. Whether or not it is overkill for the kind of game technology we have is still debatable. Yet, it is certain that the game designing technology will improve in the future and the power of Xbox One X will be more desirable. However, if budget is a concern for you, PS4 Pro is not a bad choice at all as it saves at least $100 and offers a similar, if not the same experience.

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